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The PAC 22 series 3 is the most capable mobile air conditioning unit and one of our larger and more powerful stylish water cooled ’Split’ portable air conditioners. Essentially strong, compact and easy to install. The PAC 22 is made up of three components. The room unit contains a refrigeration circuit with water cooled condenser. The external unit is a simple water to air exchanger. These two components are connected by a length of flexible line containing flow and return cooling water pumped from the room unit to the heater exchanger. With the PAC 22 the smaller condenser unit can be placed up to 30 meters from the room unit.

For spaces big or small?

The PAC 22 will cool an area of 156 m³ - 5,519 ft³
The PAC 22 indoor dimensions are 380 x 850 x 1,240 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 122kg
The PAC 22 outdoor dimensions are 280 x 560 x 520 mm and weighs 20kg

Also available in 230V 1ph 60Hz

  • 30m lines for versatility of location
  • Lower temperature capability - down to as low as 10C
  • High capacity unit - 6.4kw from 13amp power supply
  • 4dB(A) quieter than the series 2
  • Easy to use digital display
  • Improved water couplings for fast installation
  • Innovative spigot plate for ducting to remote areas
  • Three speed fan for high capacity air flows


  • Large Offices or small open plan areas
  • Storerooms
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Computer rooms
  • Medium sized workshops
  • Medium shops
  • Small marquees
  • Hotels
  • Small Hospitality units
  • Restaurants
  • Archives
Nominal cooling duty
6.5 kW
Indoor noise level (max)
62 dBA @ 3 metres
Air flow (max)
990 m3/h
Outdoor noise level (max)
62 dBA @ 3 meters
Typical cooled area
156 m2
Indoor weight
122 kg
Power supply
230 V 1 ph 50 Hz Run 7.3 A

Also available in 230V 1ph 60Hz
Outdoor weight
20 kg
Automatic thermostat
PAC line length
5 metres (max 30 metres)
Plug type
BS1636 230 V
Pumped to external condensor
Average power consumption
2.0 kW/hr
Indoor dimensions (L x W x H)
850 x 380 x 1240 mm
Optional cold air duct
2 x 5 metres x 200 mm
Outdoor dimensions (L x W x H)
560 x 280 x 520 mm

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