Blog10 April 2014

How much is your office environment costing you?

A recent survey conducted on behalf of Andrews Sykes suggests that deficient office temperatures could cost the economy up to £13bn a year. The questionnaire was completed by 2,000 everyday employees and unearthed the sizeable impact uncomfortable working conditions can have on your staff’s performance.

Nearly a quarter of those asked admitted they were frequently either too hot or too cold in their office, while more than a third conceded they lose at least 10 minutes a day because of the temperature. Six per cent of people went as far as saying they waste more than half an hour a day trying to overcome an unfavourable environment.

These staggering figures highlight the importance of effective climate control within your premises, and prove output is directly affected when this provision is inadequate.

By using these results as a general guideline, an office of 100 people will have at least eight hours of missing productivity per day, with the actual sum probably double that. Essentially, this equates to 2% of the average workforce simply not turning up – costing your company both time and money.


Click below to download full survey results: