Ventilation Hire

Manufacturing & Industry

Large industrial fans are an ideal solution for providing ventilation and air movement in manufacturing plants that produce food, beverages, pharmaceutical goods and other products. Our ventilation hire range is widely used to assist a number of related processes including applying specialist coatings, aviation, marine, tank and vessel refurbishment. With decades of experience, the knowhow and expertise of our engineers ensure you’ll always be advised of the best course of action irrespective of your requirement.

Manufacturing expertise

Fume extraction along with controlled temperature levels are key considerations for clients operating within the manufacturing industry. Andrews’ industrial ventilation systems are designed to improve environments through surface cooling while combatting excess heat and humidity and removing hazardous fumes and odours.

Our tailored ventilation fans are used to remove hot or contaminated air from large manufacturing facilities – using bespoke, energy efficient ventilation equipment specifically designed for this sector.

We regularly work with customers in the manufacturing industry, providing temporary solutions in situations that rely on constant air movement, fume and climate control.

At Andrews Ventilation, we have a huge catalogue of industrial, ventilation and extraction fans which are stored across our depots nationwide. Our experienced specialists will work with your site manager to identify requirements, layouts and measurements. From there, Andrews Ventilation Hire will provide the most suitable solution and commission it for operation as quickly as possible.

Surface cooling

We provide high-powered, temporary ventilation fans for surface cooling to extract heat and replace it with a constant circulation of cool air to prevent surface temperatures reaching excessive levels.

The majority of surface cooling applications necessitate the removal of intense heat which can be accomplished by deploying a fan hire arrangement around the target area. Our ventilation range is widely used to control temperatures within the manufacturing industry – instilling the necessary conditions to cool products created by large manufacturing plants creating products for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

We specialise in the instant provision of high-capacity cooling fans to improve ventilation and achieve best practice, combat excessive heat and humidity and avert any other problem that could theoretically cause disruption to the production line.

Particle & fume removal

The need for hiring a ventilation system in a manufacturing facility can arise when dust, fumes, or chemical concentration in the air become a safety hazard.

Indoor air pollutants tend to accumulate in factories and buildings with poor ventilation – exposing workers to fumes and airborne pollutants. Our large industrial fans are an ideal solution for providing the necessary conditions to maintain the efficiency, health and safety of the workers by removing contaminated air from the affected areas and replacing it with clean air.

Andrews Ventilation Hire have worked in the manufacturing industry for several years to combat dangerous dust and fumes within their applications and at the same time enhancing the general air circulation via our versatile and portable ventilation fans.

We are confident that our selection of ventilation fans have the power to extract all harmful fumes and particles, and are here to help should this problem need addressing. Call us today on 0800 211 611 to discuss the most appropriate ventilation rental for your situation.

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