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Building & Construction

Managing your working environment is essential for the safety of employees. A suitable ventilation system is essential in confined areas to ensure the extraction of dust and fumes from trades and operated plant. For many years, Andrews Ventilation has offered advice and guidance to construction managers and consultants. We are able to provide imaginative solutions to exceed expectations, even in the most challenging ventilation and extraction projects.

Construction expertise

The building and construction sector has seen a substantial increase in activity, with an industry-wide movement towards improving standards.

Our reliable and unique service allows us to guarantee the delivery of equipment to your site within four hours of preliminary contact. We recognise the delicate time constraints that exist within the construction industry and pledge to act quickly to whatever problem you encounter. We endeavour to help you counteract unfavourable conditions and adhere to project deadlines without incurring added costs or a damaged reputation.

Andrews’ specialist engineers regularly work with contractors and construction firms, providing bespoke ventilation equipment according to individual needs. Our experienced specialist team understands the challenges faced by developing large projects using high powered tools, due to the equipment producing dust and toxic exhaust fumes.

At Andrews Ventilation, we have an extensive range of industrial, ventilation and extraction fans which are stocked across our depots nationwide and suitable for multi-storey buildings or solitary rooms. Our impressive track record in accommodating virtually any kind of scenario is substantiated by frequent repeat business from clients who trust us. We vow to have your equipment on site and functioning almost instantly.

Dust control

The need to provide a well-ventilated environment within any construction site is of paramount importance, as health & safety standards insist on an aerated and dust free workplace.

We understand that the safe and efficient removal of dust is critical and should be carried out in compliance with health & safety laws and regulations.

The building and construction industry, with the complexity of its operations and processes, use an increasing number of tools and machinery where emissions produced can pose severe health and safety problems. Effective, well-designed extraction fans and dust removal technologies, such as our top of the range ventilation units, offer a solution to these situations in which worker protection is not only needed, but essential.

We have experience spanning many decades of working with building contractors nationwide, helping to maintain or restore a safe and practical working environment. Time lost on projects due to hazardous dust particles can be costly, but our specialists understand the importance of reducing this risk. We are confident that our selection of ventilation fans have the power to extract all dangerous traces of dust, and are here to assist should this situation arise.

Accelerate drying process

Construction work on an average building typically lasts between six and nine months if the materials used are left to dry out naturally. However, this process can be greatly accelerated by Andrews Ventilation and thus enable construction work to be completely more quickly if suitable equipment is supplied. Our range of purpose-built fans can be used in conjunction with our building dryers, to provide fast and efficient drying programmes.

We specialise in the instant provision of temporary ventilation fans, allowing your projects to remain on schedule. Our competitors cannot match our wide fleet of commercial ventilation hire units, nor our pledge to improve and enhance air flow even in challenging applications. If you are managing a building site or a construction business, we can help you.

Our units are available for hire and stocked all over the country to ensure rapid delivery, regardless of your location. We even offer free site surveys, where our expert engineers can advise on the best solution to your problem. We always aim to offer cost-effective remedies and provide continued support throughout a period of hire – just in case something goes wrong. For one of our temporary units or a comprehensive ventilation hire package, call us on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form and one of our experts will be in touch.

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Used for providing fresh air in spaces where circulation is restricted, our ventilation fans can also be used to extract dangerous fumes

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Our cooling fans provide a perfect alternative to conventional air conditioning systems whilst removing stale air from a variety of applications

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These high capacity units afford users variable speed controls and are capable of operating on either 110V or 230V power supply

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Most commonly used following flood or water damage, our lightweight carpet dryers are designed for use in areas affected by damp surfaces