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Catalytic Cabinet direct fired portable gas heater

Product Features


for easy transportation

Fully automatic operation

can run unattended

Light and compact

for easy transportation

Does not require electrical supply

suitable for all applications

Easy installation

plug in and switch on

Fully portable

can be positioned easily

Stylish design

fit discretely into any environment

Quiet operation

No sound disruption


The Catalytic Cabinet is a compact, easy to manoeuvre direct fired gas heater which runs on liquefied petroleum butane gas. This mobile unit does not require an electricity supply in order to operate, enabling instantaneous set-up. With a nominal heating duty of up to 3kW, this stylish unit is ideal for remote applications where an on-site power supply is unavailable. The Catalytic Cabinet heater has been designed for areas of up to 72.5m³ in size, including hotel rooms, shops and classrooms.




Nominal heating duty (max) 3.0 kW
Typical heated area 72.5 m3
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 420 x 340 x 700 mm
Control Manual
Fuel type LPG butane
Fuel consumption 0.219 kg/h
Cylinder 15 kg
Max. operating pressure 0.28 bar Atmosphere analyser safety as standard

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