Dehumidifier Hire

Warehouse & Logistics

At Andrews, we are specialists in the supply of both temporary and permanent drying solutions to large stockrooms and warehouses. We have a wide range of units to choose from and with depots located nationwide, you can rely on us to quickly supply the dehumidification equipment that you need.

Controlling Humidity

As the UK’s leading provider of drying and heating solutions, we have the industry expertise to handle any feasible situation, regardless of size. We offer both refrigerant and desiccant units, thus covering our clients for all possible eventualities. Whether you need a short-term emergency package or a longer dehumidification programme for the storage of delicate materials or resources, we can always help.

Our product offering ranges from small portable units, which are perfect for small storerooms and extends through to high capacity industrial units, which are capable of keeping the largest warehouses dry. For very low humidity requirements, our desiccant units provide an ideal solution. All of these units are readily available to buy or hire from any of our depots located throughout the UK.

We have more experience in providing drying equipment than any other supplier, with our range of units suitable for numerous applications and environments. Our proficient engineers are adept in identifying areas with excess humidity and equally capable of designing solutions to overcome this problem.

Whether you are storing electronic goods, metallic components, paper, powders, tea, coffee, sugar or in fact any perishable items, we have the expertise to the control humidity levels within your facility to suit the products being stored.

Our service is not limited to simply delivering and installing dehumidifiers to our clients, but also includes a dependable 24/7 service back-up. We also offer free site surveys to customers prior to rental, allowing us to provide the best system for your premises and circumstances.

Delicate Produce

When warehouses are used to store delicate materials or products, it is important to ensure appropriate conditions are maintained inside – in order to guard against damage. Electronic goods, metals and foodstuffs are all susceptible to degradation if the environment is too humid. Excessive moisture in the atmosphere can be extremely detrimental to such products, causing breakages, rusting and even the growth of mould.

Whether you are keeping cereal, sugar or household electrical goods, it is imperative to maintain dry surroundings to prevent them getting damaged. Failure to do so will have direct consequences on costs and profit margins. Our reliable dehumidifiers provide an affordable yet effectual solution to moisture removal within your depository’s interior.

Temporary Storage

Seasonal demands, early harvesting or simply a short-term change in stock levels are all reasons why businesses require temporary storage from time to time. Tightened budgets can also leave companies looking for cheaper alternatives to permanent structures, thus eradicating the lengthy wait for perpetual constructions. This flexible solution negates the need for lasting commitment but doesn’t mean the requirement for effective dehumidification is any less prevalent.

The risk of products and merchandise suffering moisture damage is even higher in temporary storage structures, in such circumstances hiring a dehumidifier is often the most cost effective and suitable solution, as you will only need the units whilst the temporary structure is in use, whether the hire period is for a few weeks or for several months, we can tailor a package to suit.

Our dehumidifiers will protect your stock from damp conditions by maintaining a dry environment throughout. They can vastly improve the quality and aptitude of your storage area by providing total control of humidity levels – and at very little cost. This ensures all crops; machinery or electronics are kept at their required temperature, guarding against the possibility of lost output.

Whether you’re looking for urgent solution or a simple advice about the prospect of needing drying units in the future, we are able to assist. Our expert contact team are fully qualified to give advice about the best solution for your situation, and are on hand 24 hours a day to deal with your enquiry. For safe, easy-to-use dehumidifiers and related drying apparatus, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

Building Dryers

Capable of handling up to 75 litres of liquid per hour, these powerful units offer high levels of drying power on 110V or 230V electrical power supplies

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Our high performance refrigerant models can remove up to 980 litres of moisture per day, using an evaporator and condenser system

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Providing low levels of humidity in specialist applications, our desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for drying hazardous areas or locations with restricted access