Building Dryers

Andrews’ building dryer range provides clients with a comprehensive selection of portable dehumidifiers available for hire. This range of compact but high capacity units comprises of three models – the FD30, FD40 and HD500. These units are ideal for flood and water damage restoration requirements, construction, industrial and commercial applications. A dual voltage changeover switch allows these units to be used on either 230V or 110V electrical supplies.

  • The largest range of building dryers in the UK
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365 day a year service
  • Depots nationwide
  • High capacity units
  • Fast drying action
  • Simple to operate
  • Dual voltage 230V and 110V
  • Easy to move, load and store
  • Manufactured in the UK

These powerful and reliable building dryers can handle up to 75 litres dehumidification capacity per hour, delivering high levels of drying power. These units are dual voltage, which means they can be used on either a 110V or 230V electrical supply. A simple changeover switch allows you to change the supply voltage within seconds.

The Andrews building dryer range includes the FD40, which is one of the most powerful yet energy efficient units available in the UK market. This unit can be supplied with optional extras, such as a condensate pump and humidistat.

All of our building dryers are available to hire or buy from any one of our depots located throughout the UK. The units are manufactured in the UK with spare parts readily available. Alternatively you can order online by clicking here.

These robust building dryers are frequently used for building construction applications. The process of dehumidification helps to accelerate the rate of drying out wet processes in a gentle manner, alleviating possible shrinkage and cracking problems. They provide cost-effective and efficient drying and can be used in conjunction with heaters to boost the drying process.

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