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Petrochemical & Oil

At Andrews Dehumidification, we specialise in providing companies in your industry with bespoke drying solutions. Our extensive depot network allows us to assist clients anywhere in the country - and at short notice - protecting you from unexpected breakdown at all times of the day. Whether you seek a single unit or a more complex package for large applications, we have the both the capacity and expertise to accommodate any requirement.

Our Service

As the UK’s number one supplier of dehumidification hire and drying systems to petrochemical businesses, we have developed an excellent understanding of the industry requirements. From preventing corrosion to simply lowering the humidity and temperature of an environment, Andrews Dehumidification has fifty years’ direct experience working within your sector. We pride ourselves on adhering to a four hour response time so when an urgent project comes up, we have you covered.

Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of dehumidification and are adept in not only recommending solutions, but putting them into place. By visiting your site and assessing the needs and dimensions of a building, they can accurately calculate drying requirements and ensure the appropriate equipment is provided.

Unlike many of our competitors, Andrews technicians are on call 24 hours a day, so if you encounter an emergency and seek instant assistance, call us on 0800 211 611. We stock thousands of desiccant and refrigerant units across our outlets nationwide and guarantee to always have equipment available throughout the year. As well as offering customers dehumidifier hire, our services also extend to providing technical support, carrying out maintenance and preparing risk assessment plans, should this be necessary.

Tank Drying

Our desiccant dehumidifiers represent a cost-effective solution for drying the insides of tanks and cylinders. Every three to five years, petrochemical plants dry out their tanks but in order to ensure all residual moisture is completely removed, temporary hire of drying apparatus is often the best response. This negates the need to purchase industrial dehumidifiers and spend vital capital funds on equipment which will only be used periodically.

We recognise that the size of your tanks will directly affect drying time but generally, this will only take a matter of minutes. In order to protect the steel container from corrosion, it is imperative that relative humidity is kept below 40%. Before painting or restoring the containers, their inner surfaces must be completely dry to ensure all processes can be executed correctly.

Our broad range of units has been manufactured with your particular industry in mind, providing customers with the capacity to dry mixing tanks and oil containers of any size. Their deployment can facilititate increased productivity by allowing staff to apply protective coating under carefully controlled conditions. Additionally, we can help you reduce out-of-service time and remain on track with project schedules by enabling 24 hour operation – if required.


From time to time, petrochemical facilities and similar applications need to undertake periods of preservation when offline. This may occur following operational changes or the closure of a particular plant, but interior components – including tanks and machinery – still need to be protected from a potentially destructive environment. High levels of humidity can cause rusting, as well as damage important equipment, which is why hiring dehumidifiers during spells of inactivity can help safeguard your vital assets.

By placing drying units inside your premises during a spell of dormancy, we ensure vulnerable utilities retained in safe conditions by regulating humidity. As a company, we strive to supply drying units on the same day of enquiry – reducing the risk of a damp and humid atmosphere affecting future or continued functionality.

Our advanced understanding of your industry means we are fully aware of its sensitivity to a number of factors – particularly humidity levels. That’s why we vow to act more quickly than any other hire business when your productivity and revenue streams are in jeopardy. For more information about how you can benefit from our services, call us now on 0800 211 611 and discuss a potential project in more detail.

Case studies

Our range

Building Dryers

Capable of handling up to 75 litres of liquid per hour, these powerful units offer high levels of drying power on 110V or 230V electrical power supplies

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Our high performance refrigerant models can remove up to 980 litres of moisture per day, using an evaporator and condenser system

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Providing low levels of humidity in specialist applications, our desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for drying hazardous areas or locations with restricted access