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Our range of powerful and reliable desiccant dehumidifiers can produce very low levels of relative humidity, for applications in the Pharmaceutical sector or Petrochemical industries where dry conditions are essential. These units are also commonly used to dry out areas that are difficult to access or have hazardous conditions, such as bulk fuel storage tanks, ships holds, submarine and other marine environments.

The Andrews desiccant dryer range includes the KT2000, which is one of the most popular units available in the UK, yet very energy efficient. This unit has a maximum airflow of 2,000m3/h and can operate on ducting lengths of up to 40 metres.

Desiccant dehumidifiers work by drawing air across a rotating wheel containing an absorption material, such as silica gel. As the air passes through the wheel, moisture is removed, the wheel continues to rotate and is dried out using built in heaters, then continues to remove more moisture form the air. They are often used in conjunction with heaters to boost the drying process especially in cold weather conditions.