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With the country’s most extensive range of dehumidifier units available to hire or buy, you can rely on us to help you control the humidity of your stores, vaults and depositories. We are experts in preventing your environment from succumbing to dampness and act quickly to eradicate the risk of excessively high moisture levels. Our specialist engineers will guide you towards the most appropriate drying package for your surroundings, guaranteeing you both value for money and excellent technical support.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we offer clients 24/7 back-up assistance while you are renting our equipment. We also pledge to deliver to your site on the same day of enquiry, ensuring valuable documents aren’t left unprotected for long periods. Our technicians will ascertain which dehumidifiers are most suitable for your location and building size. A no obligation FREE survey of your premises allows us to make a quick professional judgement, without affecting your process or system.

We understand the importance of selecting the correct apparatus for your application and endeavour to provide the most cost-effective solution available. Whether you seek dehumidification apparatus for a short period of time or indefinitely, Andrews will accommodate both your requirements and budget. Our strategically-placed depot network means we can deliver equipment within four hours, regardless of your location.

Storing legal documents is an essential yet often complicated process, with ever-expanding archives stipulating the need for more space in which to keep it. With legislative mandates making it compulsory to maintain deeds, criminal files and suchlike, it is vital that these papers are kept dry and secure in order to maintain their condition. We are skilled in providing instant, effective dehumidification with the preservation of your materials always regarded as priority. Having worked within your sector for almost fifty years, we understand the implications of damage or loss.

Manuscripts exposed to a humid environment are likely to turn mouldy when damp and consequently decay over time. In instances where retaining legal papers is necessary, this can cause problems in the future when needed for immediate reference or use. By deploying our drying units within your store, you can guard against precious material inside being affected or destroyed by high levels of moisture.

Our expansive range of equipment and fully stocked depots mean we can always provide you with a swift, effective drying solution - irrespective of demand. By dispatching your order instantly, we eliminate the risk of dampness and ultimately help restore moisture-affected areas back to their original condition.

As with legal documents, historical data also requires protection from humid environments because of the effect it can have on paper material. This can comprise of business transactions, revenue spread-sheets or even stock price information, and needs to be held in a cool, dry place. Files of this variety, although normally sensitive and confidential, must be easily accessible for auditors, accountants and similar professionals.

Storage areas can be susceptible to high levels of humidity because of poor air circulation within the room or building. Our dehumidifiers for hire will protect you from moist conditions, thus reducing the risk of damage. We acknowledge that dampness has the propensity to greatly affect your operation, which is why we act quickly to ensure this does not happen.

Our aim is to prevent disruptive and costly damage to historical records in your storeroom, while taking steps to avoid moisture affecting your premises in the future. Whether you seek an informative consultation about our products and services or you desire a preliminary quote for a proposed assignment, call us on 0800 211 611. Our specialist advisors are fully-qualified to offer you guidance and will recommend a course of action suitable for your individual specifications.

Andrews Dehumidification Hire restores conditions in local city councils archive
Andrews Dehumidification was recently contacted by a city council based in Hampshire who were in search of an urgent drying solution, which was needed for the committee’s archive store. This was located in the basement of their main building and had become overrun with moisture and mould. A local expert visited the site to conduct a [...]
Andrews Dehumidification helps preserve historic documents
When a library’s storage facility in Staffordshire suffered an unexpected air handler breakdown, the premises’ entire contents became vulnerable to damage. It was therefore imperative that a solution was put into place to protect important books, maps and other articles while the archive’s air handler was being repaired. One of our dehumidification hire experts visited [...]
X-Ray Storage Needs Andrews Dehumidification Hire
When handling X-ray films in areas of high humidity, it is crucial to provide dehumidification to prevent any excessive moisture causing irreversible damage. High humidity can promote mould growth and ferrotyping which will deteriorate and decolour the filmed sheets. A specialist document storage company was requested by one of its existing clients to control the [...]
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