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KT2200 Desiccant Dehumidifier

  • Nominal extraction rate at 75% RH / 20oC 300 litres / 24h
  • Dry out area (typical) 3,500 m³
  • Power supply 415V 3 ph N+E 50 Hz Run 24A

Product Features

Extraction rates of up to 480 litres every 24 hours

ideal for large areas

Quiet operation

can be left running without disrupting others

Fully automatic

can run unattended

Compatible with ducting

for projects with site restrictions

Large airflows

perfect for high capacity drying

Reduced power consumption

affordable running costs

Simple installation

enabling immediate use

Robust construction

can be used in challenging environments


The K2200 is a cost-effective desiccant dehumidifier designed for applications where low relative humidity is required and where work is being carried out at very low temperatures. With an average power consumption of just 10kW/h, this model is significantly more economical than similar units available elsewhere. Considered a more efficient option than refrigerant dehumidifiers when temperatures are 10°C or below, the K2200 can keep dry areas of up to 7,000m³ or dry out areas of up to 3,500m³. Like all desiccant dryers, this product draws air across a rotating wheel containing a silica gel to remove moisture from the atmosphere. This particular unit is commonly deployed in challenging or hazardous applications, including fuel storage tanks, marine sites and ship holds.


0M EXT LEAD BS4343 5 PIN 32 AMP 415V 6MM DIA
20M EXT LEAD BS4343 5 PIN 32 AMP 415V 6MM DIA


Extraction rate (max) 480 litres/24hr
Nominal extraction duty at 60% RH @ 20⁰C 310 litres/24hr
Air flow (max) 2,200 m³/h
Keep dry area (typica) 7,000 m³
Dry out area (typical) 3,500 m³
Power supply 415V 3 ph N+E 50 Hz Run 24A
Plug type BS4343 5 pin 32 A
Generator size 22 kVA
Duct length (max) 40 metres
Noise level (max) 70 dBA / 79lWA @ 1 metre
Weight 315 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,326 x 1,210 x 1,510 mm
Control Manual or Auto (humidistat mounted)
Power consumption 7.1 kW/h
Duct diameters Process in 300mm, Dry out 300mm, Wet out 150mm, Refrigeration air in 150mm

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