Dehumidifier Hire

Power Stations & Refineries

We have been providing dehumidifiers and heating apparatus to the power generation industry for almost fifty years. Our unrivalled experience in your sector guarantees effective solutions to every feasible issue you might encounter. With the UK's biggest selection of drying products - all available for immediate dispatch - we can be relied upon to supply and install equipment without affecting your working process or output levels.

Our Expertise

As both the UK’s and Europe’s leading specialist hire company, we are experts in all aspects of dehumidification rental. Our unmatched industry knowledge coupled with the proficiency of our engineers means we can always handle any situation which requires drying equipment – irrespective of scale.

Having provided drying solutions to a variety of power stations, industrial processing plants and oil refineries, our technicians are capable of designing and implementing dehumidification packages for any application. Whether you require a solitary unit or an advanced system for industrial purposes, we will manage the installation, general maintenance and quickly combat any issues you encounter during hire. Our range of desiccant and refrigerant units cover you for every possible scenario, so you can always rely on us to provide an appropriate solution.

We provide our customers the most cost-effective method of controlling moisture levels, no-one understands better than us the importance of effective moisture control, which is why we are the power industry’s first port of call for dehumidifying equipment and dryers.

Andrews Sykes have 30 hire depots located throughout the country, we have thousands of equipment items ready for hire and our 24/7/365 service allows us to deliver bespoke solutions, wherever and whenever they are needed, one call to 0800 211 611 and you will gain access to the UK’s leading specialist hire service.

Power Station Moth Balling

From time to time, some power stations may need to be taken off line and stop generating electricity; this may be due to cost control, reduced power requirements on the grid or for routine maintenance. During such circumstances the generating and control equipment will be moth balled and kept in pristine condition, so that if the situation changes the power station can be put back to work quickly and start producing power to the grid without any delay.

During the moth balling period it is essential that the Relative humidity (RH) levels within the generating plant are maintained. If humidity levels are allowed to increase, condensation will occur on vital equipment which will result in corrosion and long term damage; this will prove costly and will delay the restarting of the station if required.

Andrews Sykes provide the perfect solution to Power Stations by supplying all of the necessary dehumidification equipment, along with any accessories that are required. Our advisors are experienced in dealing with such applications; they will visit the site and take RH and temperature readings. After making the necessary calculations a full drying programme will be submitted, once this has been agreed with the client, the equipment will be delivered and installed on site with the minimum of fuss. Even after the units have been put to work we will continue to visit site regularly to ensure that the correct environment is maintained.

Tank Drying

When storage tanks need to be dried or kept at certain level of humidity, oil companies contact us to ensure their requirements are met. These chemical units and industrial chambers often store corrosive materials which can emit toxic gases if not properly maintained. If tanks need to be repainted, a shot blasting process will remove the initial coating, thus reducing it to its original bare metal surface. At this delicate point in the process, it is imperative the tank’s interior remains dry and warm otherwise rusting will occur almost instantly.

In order to keep relative humidity at the recommended level of below 55%, we typically deploy our desiccant dehumidifiers for applications of this nature. When used in tandem with our indirect fired or electric heaters, the equipment helps preserve the necessary warm dry conditions required and subsequently greatly reduces the risk of corroding and oxidation.

We appreciate that power stations and refineries are extremely sensitive to exterior elements and temperature changes, which is why we take appropriate measures to lessen their impact. Our rapid service prevents enforced downtime while enhancing worker durability and accelerates the completion of projects. For more information about what Andrews can do for you, call us on 0800 211 611 or complete an enquiry form and our specialist contact team will get back to you.

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Our range

Building Dryers

Capable of handling up to 75 litres of liquid per hour, these powerful units offer high levels of drying power on 110V or 230V electrical power supplies

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Our high performance refrigerant models can remove up to 980 litres of moisture per day, using an evaporator and condenser system

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Providing low levels of humidity in specialist applications, our desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for drying hazardous areas or locations with restricted access