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With the broadest selection of temporary dehumidification equipment in the UK, we guarantee to deliver to your site within four hours of contact. Our network of strategically-placed depots allows us to adhere to this promise at all times of the year, regardless of your location. We act quickly to help you counteract the problems caused by high humidity levels within the processing laboratories. For a dependable provider of drying apparatus to assist your process, call Andrews on 0800 211 611.

We’ll help control humidity within your environment and prevent moisture from affecting your operations or stock. A free site survey conducted by one of our specialist engineers is available to all clients, with no obligations attached. They will guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your application, ensuring productivity always remains at optimum level.

Whilst the hire is on-going, we provide a 24/7 back-up service for additional peace of mind - something most of our competitors don’t offer. As the country’s leading supplier of dehumidifiers, you can rely on us to accommodate all your drying needs, irrespective of scale. Once the rental period has finished, we will return to your site and collect all equipment - allowing you to continue functioning as normal.

The sensitive nature of pharmaceutical products means that effective storage is imperative where preservation is concerned. Tablets, capsules and powders are all vulnerable to humidity and lose quality if they absorb moisture. When almost all products within this sector are ultimately used for medicinal purposes, the importance of protecting them cannot be overstated. The safest and most effective way of stockpiling before distribution is by controlling the environment they are stored in.

At Andrews, we can enhance your storage space by providing specific dehumidification packages for all types of specification. Our units provide substantial quantities of energy, keeping areas of all sizes dry. We are extremely conscious of the impact downtime can have on your business, which is why we act quickly to prevent output dropping below normal levels.

With a selection of desiccant dehumidifiers to choose from, we guarantee to have an appropriate solution for your particular application. These are all capable of producing very low levels of relative humidity, without exorbitant energy costs.

The majority of pharmaceutical systems require between 20% and 35% relative humidity, at temperatures between 21°C and 24°C. Tableting processes will operate much more smoothly when executed under these conditions, and output levels will also increase. Additionally, the risk of bacteria forming along the production line is greatly reduced - if this cool dry environment is maintained.

By using desiccant dehumidification in your manufacturing premises, you can economically remove excess moisture without interrupting the overall procedure. Our drying units will also stop dampness affecting pills, drugs and medicines, when shelf-life and quality might otherwise suffer. As well as productivity, hygiene conditions will improve considerably when your humidity levels are measured.

We provide clients with the simplest, most accurate method of controlling this variable so that your operations can continue unconstrained. If you require reliable, safe drying equipment delivered to your location, call us on 0800 211 611. Our expert consultants are qualified to direct you towards viable solutions to suit your business model, and can even give preliminary quotes. You can also complete an enquiry form, where one of our professional staff will get back to you and discuss your query in more detail.

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When manufacturing pharmaceutical products, it is imperative that the clean room allows no environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours. In order to achieve these conditions, the room must have a positive air pressure and controlled relative humidity of no more than 30%RH. So, when an industry leading pharmaceutical company [...]
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When pharmaceuticals and tablets are manufactured, it is of paramount importance that the production climate conditions are meticulously regulated. If this is not done properly, then production processes may be disrupted and these items may lose their potency or even deteriorate prior to distribution. A multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in London was recently faced with [...]
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