Dehumidifier Hire

Agriculture & Farms

We are experts in the provision of portable and temporary dehumidification units to the Agricultural industry, as such, we understand the significance of keeping farm buildings and storerooms dry. With an expansive range of high capacity dehumidifiers and dryers for a multitude of purposes, you can always rely on us to supply an effective short-term or indefinite solution to your drying requirements.

Agricultural Expertise

At Andrews, we have around 50 years’ experience providing dehumidifiers to farmers across the country. The winter period in particular often demands an immediate response to adverse weather – especially if crops become vulnerable to wet conditions. We understand the importance of maintaining productivity levels during spells of heavy rainfall, and the effect this can have on both storage facilities and harvesting.

Moisture problems are likely to occur in storage facilities and similar buildings, with goods kept inside liable to be damaged. The contents of your buildings can be protected by dehumidifiers and similar drying equipment as they enable humidity levels to be controlled and maintained. Carefully managed storage areas represent a safer, more efficient way of holding large quantities of produce while keeping energy costs low.

We aim to keep farms fully operational throughout the colder, wetter months and ensure on-site premises are suitably warm and dry. Not only do we have the country’s broadest range of dehumidifier units but we also aim to deliver them on the same day they are ordered. With competitive hire packages fine-tuned to clients’ unique specifications, you can rely on us to solve all your drying issues without output being affected.

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Heating crops

Keeping Produce Dry

Keeping harvested crops dry is of supreme importance because it helps prevent waste and increased production costs. Root vegetables and sugar beet are primary examples of produce directly affected by being stored in damp conditions, which is why dehumidifiers are now so widely used in the agriculture sector. To effectively preserve food stock it is essential it is stored in a cool, dry environment – guaranteeing the longest possible shelf life.

Our drying equipment is ideal for maximising farms’ productivity levels by making storage surroundings less humid. Too much moisture in the atmosphere can ruin perishable crops and leads to the development of harmful bacteria – thus making stock unsaleable. We understand the consequences of a damaged yield which is why we endeavour to supply reliable, energy-efficient dehumidifiers for hire.

Unfavourable changes in weather can stipulate the immediate need for effective drying systems, particularly when lost stock negatively impacts on your costs. We have established ourselves as the UK’s leading specialist hire company, which means you can always rely on us to provide you with an adequate solution.

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Food Storage

At Andrews, we understand the delicate nature of working with food products, with manufacturers and suppliers constantly having to overcome barriers and challenges. Moisture condensing on products is a frequently arising issue which develops the growth of bacteria and mould. The only effective way to combat this problem is by using dehumidifiers, and thus reducing levels of moisture in the air. This ensures the environment is then more conducive to food storage by conceiving the required conditions for the process.

Failing to keep food in dry surroundings will directly lead to financial losses if it becomes spoilt or inedible. Consequently, it is extremely important farmers and horticulturalists take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of damp and cold areas affecting stock. We specialise in providing temporary dehumidifier units across your industry to ensure that moisture levels in the air are suitable for the desired practise.

Our extensive range of drying units and dehumidifiers guarantees instant delivery of equipment, irrespective of your location. Whether you seek hire for the short-term or an indefinite period, Andrews will accommodate all requirements quickly and efficiently. We supply both refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers so no matter what your property’s size, we have the right equipment for any purpose.

Case studies

Our range

Building Dryers

Capable of handling up to 75 litres of liquid per hour, these powerful units offer high levels of drying power on 110V or 230V electrical power supplies

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Our high performance refrigerant models can remove up to 980 litres of moisture per day, using an evaporator and condenser system

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Providing low levels of humidity in specialist applications, our desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for drying hazardous areas or locations with restricted access