Blog18 October 2022

National food outlet seeks tailored heating replacement

In a lot of cases, simply delivering and installing temporary hire equipment will sufficiently address whatever problem our customer has encountered. However, more complicated issues require a greater degree of intuition – and that’s where our highly proficient engineers come in.

Earlier this week, we received a query from a well-known food retailer after their heating system stopped functioning. Our client was looking to restore warm temperatures inside their store, but was reluctant to deploy electric heaters on the shop floor due concerns over them being potential tripping hazards.

Our technician was also informed that the customer’s preference was to avoid using lengths of ducting inside the building, which meant a more sophisticated solution would need to be provided.

Fortunately, working within these parameters is nothing unusual for us and an alternative heater hire arrangement was very swiftly proposed.

Rather than have units inside the store itself, a decision was taken to house a single FH111 heater on the roof. The client’s plant room was also situated above the shop, meaning it was practical for us to connect our high capacity unit to their existing air handling system via lengths of ducting.

By utilising the foundations of our contact’s own HVAC configuration, we were able to ensure that an alternative source of climate control could be operational almost immediately and allow the faulty heater to be repaired off-site.

What’s more, so pleased was the client’s estates team with our response that they have already begun soliciting our advice with a similar job at another location.