Blog20 April 2022

Andrews installs replacement cooling solution for major supermarket chain

There is a proven link between keeping a shop floor air conditioned and the length of time people are prepared to browse, demonstrating the impact that customer comfort has on the overall retail experience. In essence, a stuffy, hot store will cost you business – and there’s really no excuse for such uninviting conditions to linger when instant solutions are readily available.

Acutely aware of this, one of our customers – a world-renowned name in the industry – recently contacted us following the discovery of an issue with the chiller system at a prominent store in Yorkshire. Specifically, a faulty compressor had affected the chiller’s output, while its location within a plant room positioned at high level prevented us replacing the unit with one of our own chillers as the connecting air handling units were also suspected to be defective.

Instead, our response was to deploy an HPAC90 high performance air conditioner inside a small service yard area and duct the cold air into the customer’s air intake louvres. This approach would allow existing fans to distribute cool air via their internal network and into the showroom area that had been left without any form of temperature control.

The non-invasive solution proposed by our local expert was very well-received by the client, as it allowed repairs to be carried out on both the chiller and air handling units thought to be underperforming. Unusually, vital maintenance and upkeep could therefore be conducted on site while an alternative source of air conditioning was functioning in its place.

Initially, our customer was very concerned at the timing of the breakdown given that summer is virtually just around the corner. However, their fears were quickly allayed thanks to the efficiency of our team, who coordinated the hire, delivery and installation less than two days after the problem was brought to our attention.