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New West Sussex depot opened

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new depot in West Sussex following a strategical decision to strengthen our market position in the South East.

Located within a 15-minute drive of Gatwick Airport and Brighton city centre, we have purposefully chosen a location that is situated near to several major roads. Our proximity to these excellent transport links will be hugely beneficial and help us to provide an even better service to businesses in the surrounding areas.

Our new base will allow us to reach customers across Gatwick, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Lewes, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, the South Downs and many other towns.

We have recruited new engineers, drivers and a depot manager to ensure activities across the region are coordinated effectively, with scope for our localised team to expand further going forward.

Our West Sussex depot will stock a full range of air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, chillers, boilers and pumps for hire to ensure clients from all sectors are provided for.

David Himsworth, UK Director of Operations, said: “This depot provides us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver an enhanced level of service to those based in the immediate vicinity and beyond. We’re confident this strategic decision will strengthen our market position in the South East and enable us to cut response times in situations where immediate attention is required.”

Andrews Sykes Group invest in a new major depot in Milan

Following a substantial property investment by the Andrews Sykes Group, our Italian subsidiary Nolo Climat has moved into a new depot located in the suburbs of Milan. The move will enable the business to continue its remarkable growth since first opening in Italy just seven years ago.

The new facility sits on a huge 4,000m2 site and is located very close to our previous depot in the town of Parabiago. The warehouse and workshops can now easily accommodate the largest of our chiller range along with the small portable units.

This new depot has been fully refurbished and customised to perfectly suit our business, allowing easy access and an excellent environment for our staff to service and test our equipment before going on hire. The IT systems provides extra capacity to increase communication speed for both data and voice, facilitating desk-to-desk communication with all Andrews Sykes depots.

Our new offices are very spacious and include a fully equipped training room. Staff welfare areas are well-appointed and provide employees with a much-improved working environment, with plenty of room to accommodate more growth.

To further support this development, a significant investment has been committed to our hire fleet and sees us add additional modern units including 750kW chillers and 500kW boilers. Throughout the year we have increased our staffing levels, creating new employment opportunities which we expect to continue into next year and beyond.

Speaking shortly after the new depot was officially opened, Alessandro Sisti, General Director for Italy, said: "This new depot offers us a fantastic opportunity to guarantee our new and existing customers an advanced level of service and we are confident that this strategic decision will strengthen our position within the market and allow us to reduce response times in situations where immediate action is essential.”

Local teenager 'loving' work experience scheme following extension of Andrews Sykes' partnership with CACT

Andrews Sykes have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust for quite some time and are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership for another two years.

The latest agreement sees us become an employability patron for the Trust going forward, providing us with an excellent opportunity to give something back to the community.

Jason Morgan MBE, CEO of the Charlton Trust, said: “CACT has had a long relationship with Andrews and we’ve been very grateful for their support on a number of events and projects over the years. We’re so pleased they have now come on board as a CACT Patron. The focus on employability is a great fit between CACT’s Education programme and Andrews’ ethos, and will make a real difference to the young people we work with."

This arrangement will see us create opportunities for young people to undertake work placements at our Charlton depot, learn new skills in a variety of environments and receive interview training. The first beneficiary of the scheme - Callum Wallace, from Woolwich - has undertaken a number of roles within the business during a placement spanning many weeks.

He said: “I enrolled on a programme with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust along, with other young people, and was then given the opportunity to gain some experience at a local company.”

“I’ve always wanted to be an engineer and that hasn’t changed. I’d say that my first taste of being in a workshop has actually made me even more determined to make it happen. I’m loving it.

“I’ve been working out in the yard, directing people on the forklifts, assisting the pump engineers and even got involved in some risk assessment stuff. But the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is stock-taking. It’s been my favourite thing so far, which I didn’t expect.

“Every day I come in and learn something new, which has been great for me. I like the fact that my day is structured."

In recent years, Andrews Sykes have taken on permanent members of staff as a direct result of our association with CACT and it is likely that additional full-time roles will be available in future.

Mark Page, Southern Regional Director at Andrews Sykes, said: “At the recent CACT partners reception held at The Valley it was a privilege to hear from some of the young people who have been able to benefit from the great work carried out by CACT. Now as a CACT patron, we at Andrews Sykes are looking forward to being fully involved in the CACT Education programme.”

Dan Smith, Charlton Depot Manager, echoed Mark’s sentiments, saying: “Andrews Sykes’ Charlton team is very pleased to start a new adventure with CACT’s training program. This will be a great opportunity for us to help assist the younger generation within the local community to gain the key skills required for future employment in a variety of different businesses.”

Andrews Sykes announce senior management appointments

Behind every successful company is a motivated, driven and skilled workforce united by a desire to develop and achieve targets as part of a wider objective.

In fact, this perspective has been a key cornerstone behind the incredible growth of Andrews Sykes and enabled us to establish ourselves as market leaders in the fields of HVAC and pump hire.

We understand the importance of investing in our workforce by appointing the right external candidates and promoting people internally wherever possible.

Since the turn of the year, the company has extended our senior management team to help drive the business forward and ensure it continues to grow at the rate we expect.

Newly-appointed HR manager, Andrew Timmins, said a huge factor in him joining the organisation was the impression we made on him whilst he was working at another company.

He recalled: “In a previous job, my firm would use Andrews’ products in cross-hires. The reason we chose them [us] as a supplier was because of their reputation – even back then – as a customer-focused company delivering high quality products and leading the way.”

When probed on whether he still thought the same was true today, Andrew summarised: “Absolutely – even more so now. Having been here only a short while I can already see why the company has been so successful, and I want to play my part in that going forward.

“For me, HR is all about finding a balance between strategy and operational work to ensure we are in the best position to hit and exceed targets. My personal ambition is to make a difference commercially and help our staff see that there’s a path and career plan in place for them within the company.”

The recent investment in new depots, offices and vehicles has been well-documented and we have already seen the benefits of our latest spending on capital assets.

Another area currently being targeted for improvement is our telephony and IT systems, which will be overseen by Nigel Tasker.

Originally from an operational background, Nigel has more than fifteen years’ experience in the IT sphere and was responsible for the global divisions at his previous employer.

He joined as Group IT Director at the turn of the year and spoke of his excitement about immersing himself in the role, saying: “I’ve loved every minute of it and can’t wait to get going.

“Everybody has been really welcoming and that has helped me a lot, as has a three-month induction which has allowed me to understand what it is I need to do.

“My philosophy is that we are a service to the business, so it’s up to us to make solutions available wherever necessary. I’ve been very impressed with our UK systems and hope to streamline these further before expanding them to Europe. This will help us, our customers – everyone really!”

Indeed, enhancing the tools and software used by our staff will make their jobs a lot easier and this manifests itself in the level of satisfaction felt by customers when everything runs smoothly.

Murray Stewart, who was recently promoted to Divisional Director of Scotland, insists that it’s this kind of adaptability that has served the company so well during the eleven years he has been here.

He explained: “Some of the biggest challenges we face are acclimatising to an everchanging market but still staying one step ahead of the game. We’re good at that.

“We’ve led the way on all sorts of issues, from environmental compliance to energy efficiency, and that’s something we should be proud of.

“In the last twelve months alone, we’ve had to extend our team and vehicle fleet by more than 20% in each case in Scotland to ensure we stay on top of demand. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing our branding and equipment on site, which is happening regularly. That shows we’re doing well.

“To my mind, we’re the best at what we do. If we’re competing with another company and we’re both around the same price, we get the nod nearly every time. People know who we are and that we can do the job that’s asked of us, and that’s invaluable.”

Naturally, sales and revenue are integral to a company’s success but you cannot flourish without employees being happy in their place of work.

Corporate leaders are forever proclaiming that their staff are the company’s most valuable asset, and that’s an adage that certainly applies to the continued operation of Andrews Sykes.

Employing people is one thing, but creating a culture of cooperation and amicability across a nationwide business is something that very few have succeeded in instilling.

This is a view that resonates with new Regional Director of the North, David Mahon, who believes a unique working environment has directly led to the evolution of Andrews Sykes.

He said: “Although we’re a PLC, the company really has a family feel about it – and that’s down to the people that work here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to a labourer or a senior director, everyone has time for you. It’s not like that everywhere.

“Andrews is different to other organisations in the sense that here, our people are empowered and actively encouraged to go out and make a difference. That’s what we try to do every single day.”

David has been with us for more than five years, but even people who have only been working at Andrews for a matter of weeks have picked up on the things that set us apart from other firms.

We’re not only committed to investing in our staff, but to promoting a team ethos that promotes close working relationships and a desire to provide assistance whenever it is required.

Mark Page joined as Southern Regional Director three months ago but has already been struck by the can-do attitude that exists within his team.

He observed: “My first impression of the company is that we’ve got some excellent people here. There’s a genuine spirit among staff which seems to breed a far greater deal of cooperation than I’m used to, whether that be between people from different departments or even different depots.

“I’m really fortunate to have a good team around me. I’ve worked around pumps for more than 30 years and am getting up to speed with the HVAC side of things, which has been really interesting.

“Another thing I picked up on – even before joining – was the strength of both the Sykes and the Andrews brands. Our incredible heritage and standing within the market were two of the big influences in me joining in the first place.

“It’s also amazing to see the number of long-serving people still working at Andrews Sykes, and shows the company must be doing things properly. It’s a cliché, but there aren’t many organisations that can boast such an experienced and loyal workforce. Everyone is so committed to the cause, and I think that’s clear to see.”

Andrews Sykes open new Gatley office

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce the opening of a new, modern office in Manchester. The new premises will act as a base for both the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration strand of the business, in addition to our northern contact centre – enabling us to bring several operations under the one roof.

To mark the occasion, European rally champion Chris Ingram was invited to attend the opening as guests of honour – cutting the ribbon at the building’s entrance.

The contemporary new office, located in a prime area of Manchester, will facilitate the provision of an even more efficient service to customers in the surrounding areas while supporting our commitment to expanding in the UK.

This is a viewpoint supported by Lee Wilks – Divisional Director of Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – who has observed first-hand how smoothly the transition has gone since our arrival at Stonepail Court.

He said: “Opening another branch in such a fantastic location will only enhance our ability to grow further, and is indicative of the strides we’ve already made in recent years.”

Andrews Sykes add Doncaster depot to our nationwide network

We are delighted to announce the opening of a fantastic new depot in the Doncaster area as the company look to increase our service capability throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

The depot’s location in Doncaster was specifically selected because of its proximity to Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Grimsby. Strategically located near major motorway links, our technicians and delivery drivers to reach customers more quickly and cut waiting times on emergency callouts.

This expansion presents us with a great opportunity to capitalise further on the success we have enjoyed in recent years– taking on additional members of staff in the process, including Paul Duggan, who has recently joined the business to take up the position of depot manager.

The 16,500 square feet workshop has been purpose-built – providing us with significant yard and storage space for increased fleet holding, in addition to a paint shop area, full testing capability, air conditioned offices, training room and modern welfare facilities for our staff.

Maintaining and improving our high standards of service remains a constant goal and these fantastic modern premises will help us achieve this target going forward.

David Himsworth, UK Operations Director, said: “Opening a large facility in Doncaster will strengthen our market position in the north of England – particularly Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

“It is a sign of the company’s progress that we are once again able to broaden our depot network and take on more members of staff, giving us a wonderful platform to cultivate further growth.”

Andrews Sykes relocate to larger Bovey Tracey depot

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce the opening of a new depot in Bovey Tracey depot following sustained regional progress.

Located within the modernised Heathfield Industrial Estate, our new branch is situated less than two miles away from the site which we have now vacated. This particular area has been very deliberately chosen because of its close proximity to a number of major road links, offering quick access to customers based across Devon and Cornwall.

A substantially larger 7,000 square feet workshop and storage facility sits on a half-acre site, providing more storage and yard space to accommodate a growing product intake.

As well as additional room for an expanding fleet holding, we have also been able to fit enhanced testing facilities and mechanical equipment to ensure various aspects of our day-to-day service can be improved.

This purpose-built facility will give us an excellent base from which to deliver even better levels of service and is indicative of the progress we have made in recent years.

The move has been deemed essential in order to further streamline our service, and it is hoped this strategic movement will strengthen our market position and enable us to minimise response times in scenarios where customers require immediate attention.

The recent development has been underpinned by Andrews Sykes’ mounting reputation as the country’s leading supplier of specialist hire equipment.

This move supports our commitment to expanding in the UK and is viable thanks to an extremely successful period of business in the South West. We look forward to the company advancing further over the next twelve months.

Andrews Heat for Hire agree sponsorship deal with European champion Chris Ingram

Andrews have been proud sponsors of British European Rally Champion Chris Ingram, since last March, following a chance encounter with Rally legend and former Andrews Sykes backed driver Russell Brookes, who wisely predicted on the day that Chris would become European Champion! Russell and Andrews Heat for Hire were once coupled by one of the sport’s longest ever sponsorships between 1974 and 1991 – before the company’s links with motor racing ended.

This was until we were presented with a wonderful opportunity to support England’s number 1 ranked rally driver, Chris Ingram, at the Circuit of Ireland, where he sealed a second place finish on his debut with the Opel Rally Team.

A deal was then done to extend our relationship until the end of the season, which was both mutually beneficial and incredibly successful! The next four months saw Chris wrap up the European Championship in Latvia before landing yet another podium finish on his return to the Wales Rally GB with Team Vauxhall.

Meanwhile, the presence of Andrews Heat for Hire was noticeably welcomed back to motorsport by fans and spectators alike. Our famous logo was once synonymous with rallying, but not even a 25-year absence could prevent racing enthusiasts recalling years gone by after our initial partnership with Chris was announced!

The company is therefore delighted to put pen to paper on another agreement which will see Andrews Heat for Hire become the Mancunian’s Premium Partner for the next twelve months.

Chris’ team, car and exciting plans for the 2017 season are soon to be announced, but this deal will once again see the iconic Andrews Heat for Hire branding featured prominently on the front of a rally-winning car across the UK and Europe, giving it tremendous exposure to television audiences across the continent.

Ebbsfleet United and Sykes Pumps to continue commercial partnership

Sykes Pumps have enjoyed a close commercial relationship with Ebbsfleet United over the past few years and are extremely pleased to be extending our long-term association with following an extremely successful year for both parties.

The Fleet enjoyed competing at the summit of the National League South and eventually secured promotion while Sykes Pumps recently announced a record-breaking capital investment following an extremely profitable 2016.

Paul Wood, managing director at the company, said: “Following Ebbsfleet’s tremendous success on the pitch last season, we are extremely pleased to extend our partnership with the club.”

Paul Wood continued “Their promotion to the National League has coincided with Sykes Pumps celebrating our 160th anniversary, so it’s a fantastic time to be continuing a mutually beneficial association. We’d like to wish the team all the best for the 2017/18 campaign.”

Ebbsfleet’s new dugouts will be adorned with Sykes Pumps branding as part of the agreement, and these sit in front of the new main stand which was opened last campaign.

The club’s commercial director, Dave Archer, said: “I am delighted to announce that Paul Wood and his team at Sykes Pumps have agreed to continue with their commercial sponsorship agreement next season and have widened it to include a dugout sponsorship package for the new main stand.”

Sponsorship of Charlton Athletic Community Trust extended for another two years

The company is delighted to announce the continuation of our CACT sponsorship, which will see us work alongside the multi-award winning charity until at least 2018.

At Andrews Sykes, we pride ourselves on building links with our local community and our prolonged affiliation to the Charlton Trust will enable us to keep doing that.

Having been in partnership with the organisation since 2012, we have been able to partake in and assist a number of initiatives that have raised funds for a wonderful cause.

Our involvement has even extended to recruiting employees via some of the Trust’s campaigns - including a pump engineering apprentice via the Give Youth a Chance scheme.

Approximately 10,000 people across a range of demographics currently benefit from the many services available, including sports development programmes, health improvement, employment courses and many others. The deal will see Andrews Sykes Group branding once again appear on the back of clothing worn by Trust staff members.

Speaking after the agreement was formally announced, CEO Jason Morgan MBE, said: "It’s great to have Andrews on board again, further developing our very strong relationship.

"They’ve been a big supporter of our work in the community for a long time now and it’s great to have the continued support from a local organisation like theirs.

"Andrews have also agreed to support next year`s concert which is hosted by Dave Berry at the Indigo2 and follows on from previous successful events held at the venue."

Andrews Sykes gain OHSAS18001 and CEMARS accreditations

As a company committed to reaching high benchmarks across all aspects of our service, Andrews Sykes are pleased to have been certified at two more internationally renowned standards - CEMARS and OHSAS1800.

The Certified Emissions Measure and Reduction Scheme is an independently verified programme developed for organisations operating in our field, among others. It takes a measured approach to cutting carbon emissions while quantifying greenhouse gas use, with plans then put into place to help curtail our impact on the wider environment.

Our compliance with such a procedure underlines our conscientious approach to business and is something we are immensely proud to have passed.

Similarly, by becoming accredited with the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, we are one of only a handful of organisations in our field to be officially recognised as exponents of sound health and safety practice.

Our premises and vehicles were assessed by a third-party surveyor who concluded we more than fulfil all obligations outlined in the framework. It is of the utmost importance to us as a company to minimise the risk of potential hazards in the workplace and therefore fantastic to receive authoritative acknowledgement that this target has been achieved.

At this juncture, we would like to point out that regular reviews will take place in the future to ensure we continue to adhere to the requirements of both codes.

Without the concerted efforts of all members of staff we would not have been able to attain either qualification and hope this unwavering steadfastness will allow us to retain accreditation at the next appraisal.

Company announce new Group Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Phillips has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. He will take responsibility for all financial affairs and report directly to the Board once his induction period is complete.

As a highly practiced Financial Director, Andrew trained and qualified while working for a Chartered Accountancy firm in Birmingham. Eleven years later - having gained much experience across a wide range of sectors during this time - he left for a commercial role as Head of Finance for the UK Operations of a German-based international business. A short while after, Andrew became Finance Director of the same company.

Here, he was part of a senior management team that helped return an average of twenty-two per cent turnover growth over a nineteen year period. This UK group of companies developed into a multi-brand organisation specialising in several areas including design, distribution, service and remanufacturing of retail equipment. Andrew’s main responsibilities were finance, IT, HR and operational functions.

Following his induction, Andrew will oversee all financial operations within the Andrews Sykes Group both in the UK and abroad. He will also be in charge of IT and customer accounts.

The expectation is that Andrew will take up office in May 2015, with all interim reporting channels remaining in place until then.

Andrews celebrate fifty years of trading

The end of 2014 marked a significant milestone in the company’s history, as the Andrews side of the business celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In 1964, what was then Andrews Industrial Equipment began selling imported heaters and steam cleaners to businesses in the UK before beginning to branch out into other factions of climate control equipment.

It was during this preliminary period that the concept of hire was explored and within five years, we had opened depots in Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Glasgow and London.

Over the next few years, Andrews expanded in terms of both our geographical presence and product range, with air conditioning units added before the end of the decade. No longer a predominantly winter business, the introduction of cooling systems played a pivotal role in our development going forward.

From humble - and at times uncertain - beginnings in the West Midlands, the company is now recognised as an international, multi-million pound organisation that provides comprehensive hire solutions all over the world.

We are therefore extremely proud of our sustained growth over the past half century and have commemorated this historic landmark via a series of events, functions and press releases.

Although it is only natural to acknowledge the past five decades of sustained success, it is undoubtedly even more important to ensure this continues over the upcoming years.

Several new products are planned for imminent launch as we bid to enhance and broaden an already-extensive hire fleet.

At this stage, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers who have been fundamental to the company’s continual progression.

Additionally, our committed and loyal workforce has played a major part in moulding Andrews into the reputable organisation we stand today; their contribution has not gone unrecognised.

Charlton Athletic shirt sponsorship comes to an end

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce that, following the end of a successful two-year deal as Charlton Athletic’s main sponsor, another local organisation has joined forces with the club.

The University of Greenwich will appear on the front of Charlton’s shirts as from next season, and are set to become the first UK institution of higher education to offer sports science students direct experience at a professional football club. We have worked closely with the university in recent years and are delighted to see Charlton secure sponsorship from another regional source.

Over the past two years, our brand awareness has greatly increased both nationally and abroad – underlining the overall benefit of our partnership with Charlton. During this time, we have had the opportunity to get involved in community projects, entertain clients and supporters in our hospitality box at The Valley, and even use the pitch hire facility for staff matches.

Although we are now passing the reins over to the University of Greenwich, Andrews will continue to work with both the club and new sponsors for the foreseeable future.

We will also still retain a visual presence on the shirts, although this will no longer be on the front. Instead, Andrews Air Conditioning will appear on the back of the home jersey, while Andrews Heat for Hire will feature on the away shirt. Another two-year deal has since been agreed with the club, taking us up to the end of the 2015-2016 campaign.

We have so far enjoyed a close relationship with Charlton and look forward to developing this over the coming years. We also hope the University of Greenwich relish the experience and reap the benefits of what has proved to a fantastic opportunity.

Andrews Sykes Group Results ahead in 2013

Andrews Sykes have increased their Operating profit for the period ended 31 December 2013 by £0.5m from £14.2m to £14.7m when compared to the same period the previous year. This was based upon a revenue growth of 4.6% to £61.1m. This increase is despite the lack of Olympic and Paralympic revenue which benefited the performance in the previous year.

The Group continues to generate strong cash flows as net funds have increased from £15.6m to £19.1m. This is despite the outflows of £7.5m to shareholders on equity dividends. Capital expenditure on the hire fleet increased from £4.2m in 2012 to £4.6m this year. In addition the group invested a further £0.8m on property, plant and equipment.

The hire and sales business in the UK and Europe has again faced challenging trading conditions throughout 2013 mainly as a result of some unhelpful weather but also due to economic conditions in certain European Countries. The performance for the year clearly demonstrated our ability to deliver acceptable profit levels even in times of unfavourable external influence.

The Group continues to face challenges in all of its geographical markets but our business remains strong, cash generative and well developed, with positive net funds. The board is therefore cautiously optimistic for further success in 2014.

Heathrow depot officially opened

For over 25 years, Andrews Sykes have occupied a depot in Henley Road, Slough. During that time, the company have grown progressively and are now established as the UK’s largest specialist hire company. In order to maintain our position as industry leaders and continue development in the future, we have relocated to larger and more modern premises close to Heathrow, Greater London.

The contemporary new building features exceptional facilities which include a conference room, training centre and state-of-the-art office complex. A sustained period of success in recent years has brought about the need to move to bigger premises, with the transition completed in March this year. Our new site is three times the size of our previous property in Berkshire and covers in excess of 50,000 square feet.

We have taken steps to ensure the enhancement accommodates current and foreseeable requirements of the business, while guarding against any negative environmental implications. Initially, twenty-one full-time members of staff are to be stationed at the new depot, with additional employees expected to join throughout the course of the next year or two.

Better transport links around the Heathrow area ensure we are better positioned to cover the regions of West London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. This will facilitate the provision of an even more efficient service to customers in these locations, and we look forward to satisfying all their requirements going forward.

To receive more information and frequent updates about our products and assignments across the country, follow @AndrewsSykes on Twitter.

Charlton Depot officially opened

For over 84 years, Andrews Sykes have occupied offices in Gallions Rd, Charlton and in that time have seen the company grow and expand to become the UK’s largest and most reliable hire company. Following a 12 month planning and investment process, Andrews Sykes have officially opened modern and refurbished premises just 400m away at Peninsular Park. To mark the occasion local Charlton girl and Olympic Silver medallist Gemma Gibbons and football manager Chris Powell were invited to attend the opening as guests of honour.

Having been a supplier of air conditioning to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and as the official shirt sponsor for Charlton Athletic FC, Andrews Sykes were delighted to have Gemma and Chris join in with the celebration. The day commenced at the Charlton Football club with many Andrews Sykes customers from the UK and Europe attending the launch of the new depot. This was followed by a guided tour of the new 22,500 sq. ft. depot where attendees and Andrews Sykes staff participated in photos for the press with Gemma and Chris outside the new premises. Gemma proudly showcased her Silver medal to much of the staff’s delight and was happy to take separate photos with guests and staff.

Customers were then taken back to The Valley where they were entertained and made to feel comfortable as the long awaited Question and Answer session with Gemma and Chris took place. Everybody was completely focussed on Gemma and Chris, as Gemma was asked about her career in Judo and Chris was asked about the next step he plans to take with Charlton FC. Chris and Gemma then jokingly compared and swapped Silver wear, with Chris wearing Gemma’s Silver medal and Gemma holding the league one championship trophy, both arguing which is better.

The day was a huge success and customers were very impressed with Andrews Sykes and the new depot. Both Gemma and Chris said they would look forward to working with Andrews Sykes again. Gemma in particular wrote wonderful tweets about the company on Twitter, stating “everyone was so lovely & welcoming” and Andrews Sykes “seems like a fab company to be part of” and “had a family feel”

Andrews Sykes are very proud to continue to grow as a successful business in Charlton as Managing Director of Andrews Sykes Paul Wood says “Charlton has been the home of one or more parts of our business for over 80 years. We are immensely proud of our new depot and we want to ensure that people would remember the day as being a special moment for our company”

To view photos of the Charlton Depot Opening you can visit the photo gallery here. To receive more up to date information about Andrews Sykes, please follow @AndrewsSykes on Twitter for the latest service updates and news, Monday to Friday.

Andrews Sykes Announces Interim Results

The group’s revenue for the six months ended 30 June 2012 was £28.6 million, an increase of £0.9 million (3.1%) compared with last year’s figure of £27.7 million. Normalised operating profit* increased by £0.5 million (8.7%) from £5.9 million in the first half of 2011 to £6.4 million in the current period reflecting this increase in revenue.

The group continues to generate strong cash flows. As at 30 June 2012 the group has net funds of £12.6 million, an increase of £2.2 million compared with 31 December 2011 and an increase of £4.7 million compared with the position as at 30 June 2011. This clearly demonstrates the group’s strong positive cash flow and is after share buyback payments of £0.8 million during the period under review.

Management has been mindful of the need to maintain the operational structure of the business and to ensure that this is not damaged by unnecessary cuts in expenditure. The relocation to our new freehold property in Peninsular Way, London, was successfully completed within our financial budgets and timescales during the first half of 2012. Consequently the group now has a much improved and enlarged operating base from which to serve its customers in London and the South East of England.

Our hire fleet continues to be well maintained and the group has invested £2.0 million on new plant and equipment and property improvements in the six months under review. This is necessary to ensure that we remain in a strong position ready to take advantage of any business opportunities whenever they arise.

Trading conditions in the third quarter to date have been challenging for our main UK hire and sales business, the summer has once again not been hot enough to stimulate demand for our all important air conditioning hire business. However the group has benefited from the one-off air conditioning contract for the Olympic and Paralympic Games which ended earlier this month and our pumping business continues to perform well. Trading conditions in the Middle East remain challenging but we are hopeful of improved results as we continue to develop and invest in that region.

Our business remains strong and cash generative. Our specialist hire divisions continue to perform well and we will continue to follow our policies of investing in both these and our traditional core products as well as developing our non-seasonal businesses.

Overall the Board is cautiously anticipating a reasonable performance for the rest of 2012.

A full copy of our Interim results can be found on our Investor Page

Andrews Sykes Announces Shirt Sponsorship

Andrews Sykes are delighted to announce their contract with Charlton Athletic Football Club to be the official shirt sponsor for the 2012/2013 season.

With both the club and Andrews Sykes having been established in South East London for over 100 years, this is a strong partnership which will benefit both sides.

As the current League 1 Champions, and looking forward to their first season back in the Championship, Charlton have a high profile, not just in the London area but also Nationally. This agreement will see the Andrews branding appear at grounds throughout the UK and, through television coverage, in Europe where Andrews Sykes have a number of locations.

The agreement sees the Andrews Air Conditioning brand on the new Nike home shirt with other Andrews Sykes branding on the away shirt and the training wear, which will be launched soon.

Andrews Sykes have a long history of association with successful sports teams and individuals where the placement of the brands have improved our profile.

The first major sponsorship deal secured by the company was the branding of Russell Brookes’ rally cars. The agreement, which began in 1974 and continued until 1991, is recognised as one of the longest running sponsorship deals in motorsport history. As recently as last year the Andrews branding was seen in the release of a rallying game on several platforms.

With the coverage of Championship football and a successful London based team, Andrews is confident of increasing our brand awareness through this relationship.

Charlton Depot Move Completed

For over 84 years, Andrews Sykes have occupied offices in Gallions Rd, Charlton and in that time have seen the company grow and expand to become the UK’s largest and most reliable hire company. In order to keep pace with the continuing growth of the business, we have now successfully completed the relocation to larger, more efficient and newly refurbished modern premises just 400 meters away at Peninsular Park.

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Result Announcement 2011

Andrews Sykes Group is pleased to announce their financial results for the year 2011. Annual Reports & Financial Statements have been distributed to shareholders and full details can be viewed on our Investor relation’s page.

Result Announcement 2010

Andrews Sykes Group is pleased to announce their financial results for the year 2010. Annual Reports & Financial Statements have been distributed to shareholders and full details can be viewed on our Investor relation’s page.

Result Announcement 2009

Andrews Sykes Group is pleased to announce their financial results for the year 2009. Annual Reports & Financial Statements have been distributed to shareholders and full details can be viewed on our Investor relation’s page.

Despite the worldwide economic downturn, I report that the group achieved a normalised operating profit* of £12.9 million for 2009 which is £5 million lower than 2008. It should be remembered that last year was a record for our group and the current year’s performance is broadly comparable with the results achieved in 2007 during positive yearly economic growth.

Result Announcement 2008

Andrews Sykes Group is pleased to announce their financial results for the year 2008. These results are another record for our group, beating the previous best of £15.7 million in 2006 by £2.2 million.

Annual Reports & Financial Statements have been distributed to shareholders at the end of June 2009 and full details can be viewed on our Investor relation’s page.

Brand New Publications!

Andrews Sykes Hire are pleased to be launching our brand new range of literature. These brochures have been specifically designed to show the breadth of experience we have within each of our product sectors.

There are five brochures in the new range, each based on our key product sectors of Pumps, Air Conditioners, Heaters, Chillers and Boilers. However, these are not product reference guides, they are capability brochures which show how we use our extensive experience in a wide range of industry sectors to solve our customers problems.

Should you wish to order one of our free new brochures then simply click here or call us on 0800 678 1760 and speak to one of our team.

Whatever your reason for ringing we promise a fast and responsive service. We look forward to your call.

Air Conditioning Brochure [pdf, 2.9mb]
Chillers Brochure [pdf, 3.7mb]
Heat for Hire Brochure [pdf, 3.2mb]
Boilers Brochure [pdf, 3.6mb]
Sykes Pumps Brochure [pdf, 4mb]

Andrews Sykes Brochures

Andrews Specialist Hire – Exhibiting at the H&V09

Andrews Sykes will be exhibiting their latest range of energy efficient Boilers and Chillers manufactured and designed for the HVAC Industry at H&V09 held at the NEC Birmingham. Our stand will be manned by staff with over 50 years experience in HVAC solutions to assist you with your enquiries.

Stand Number HD30

Andrews Sykes will be at the Event Show 2009

21 – 22 January 2009

Andrews Sykes will be exhibiting their latest range of equipment and services manufactured and designed for the Event Industry at the 2009 Event Show held at Olympia Exhibition Centre London. Our stand will be manned by staff with over 30 years experience in Event solutions to assist you with your enquiries.

Stand Number 243

New Andrews Sykes Birmingham depot officially opened

Andrews Sykes new 30,000 ft² depot on the Gravelly Industrial Estate just minutes away from Junction 6 of the M6 in Birmingham was officially opened last month by football pundit, former international and captain of Aston Villa Football Club Andy Townsend.

The new flagship depot is now the largest of the company’s nationwide network. It represents a major investment in the business’ infrastructure and hire fleet as well as creating employment opportunities for the local community.

The official ceremony, hosted by Andrews Sykes’ Group managing director Paul Wood, was followed by a reception for guests and press at the Aston Villa ground.

“This new depot creates scope for the business to grow and take advantage of our recent investment in larger equipment” comments Mr Wood. “In keeping with our policy of optimum service, it brings together all our products under one roof to offer the highest possible level of availability to our customers.” he adds.

Press Release [pdf, 79kb]

Andrews Sykes presents Europe’s top hire award

For the sixth consecutive year Andrews Sykes Hire were proud to sponsor the prestigious Hire Association Europe Hire Person of the Year 2008 Award.

This years Hire Awards of Excellence was held at the London Landmark Hotel and was attended by 270 guests with the event hosted by BBC’s Ray Stubbs and Mark Lawrenson.

The Hire Association Europe is the leading trade association for the hire and rental companies in the UK & Ireland with Andrews Sykes being an active member of the association for many years.

This years Hire Person of the Year award went to Josh Llewellyn and was presented to him by Andrews Sykes Technical Director Dennis Gwynne.

Hireman of the Year award for 2008

From left: Dennis Gwynne and Josh Llewellyn

Andrews Sykes at SED 2008

As the UK’s leading specialist hire provider of portable air conditioning, chillers, heaters, boilers and pump equipment, our attendance at SED 2008 was guaranteed.

SED is the UK’s premier exhibition for the Construction and Civil Engineering Industry attended by key decision makers within the construction and maintenance sectors.

The estimated 20,000 people visiting the exhibition held at the Rockingham Speedway, Corby, were first greeted with the sight of Andrews Chillers working hard throughout the exhibit keeping the vast marquees areas cooled down.

Additionally the many visitors to our stand had the opportunity to view our comprehensive product range including our portable air conditioning units, namely our PAC 22 units, drying and ventilation units, heaters and 100 kW boiler complete with a under floor mat and break tank demonstration.

Our extensive range of industry leading Sykes Pumps including our Super silenced and submersible pumps were also predominantly on display throughout the exhibition.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and for all the positive comments made to us about our stand and business.

H&V News Awards 2008

For a third consecutive year Andrews Air Conditioning has proudly sponsored the Safety Initiative Award at this years H&V Awards for Excellence. The event was held at the Grosvenor House in London and hosted by actor and comedian Rob Brydon.

Andrews Air Conditioning were delighted to be able to present this years award to Scott Gleed of Ceilite Air Conditioning who have ’Identified a lack of awareness within the industry over the danger of using Oxy-Fuel equipment led to the developed new guidelines, check sheets and training for operatives’. With one judge stating: “This has managed to persuade people to do something they were not doing before. It is not being done just because the company has to, but because they feel it needs to be done.”

Congratulation to all the winners in 2008!

From left: Actor - Rob Brydon,

Scott Gleed of winner Ceilite Air Conditioning

and Nick Campey - National Account Manager Andrews Sykes Hire

Issued 28.05.08

New Location for Birmingham

Andrews Sykes Group is pleased to announce the opening of our new Depot in Birmingham. Located in the Gravelly Industrial Estate, this major investment in new modern facilities will allow us to improve our customer service and provide an even larger range of units for hire.

With increased storage available we can now stock over 2000 portable air conditioners, a extensive fleet of heaters, a range of 2” to 12” Pumps, chillers units from 30 to 750 kW and our comprehensive range of boilers from 100 to 500 kW available for instant delivery.

Less than 1 mile from the M6 junction 6, our 24 / 7 new depot will provide all your specialist hire needs.

This is one of many new upgrades planned for this year, so please keep your self up to date with regular visits to our news page.

Birmingham Depot Map

New Managers strengthen the Andrews Sykes team..

At Andrews Sykes we understand the need to have the right people in our business to ensure we deliver the very best service to our customers.

As part of our commitment we’re pleased to announce the appointments of Martin Thurbon who will head up our Call Support Centres and Alan Barker who becomes Training & Development Manager.

Martin joins us following a highly successful career in a similar role for Barclays Bank and Alan who joins the group after a number of years with Brandon Hire at a senior level.

These important appointments allows’ Andrews Sykes to continue providing the very best for our staff and customers.

Alan Barker Martin Thurbon

Andrews Sykes at Charlton FC

Andrews Sykes has renewed its partnership with Championship club Charlton Athletic.

As part of our deal, the Andrews Air Conditioning and Heat for Hire logos will appear around the perimeter advertising boards throughout the season, strengthening the Andrews brand to the clubs many visitors and supporters.

We understand along with other businesses’ that it’s essential we retain and develop relationships with our customers and with this we have been provided with a 10 seat private box to entertain our customers offering the opportunity to watch Championship matches

Andrews Sykes takes the load with new vehicle fleet investment.

With our commitment to providing customers with a fast & efficient nationwide delivery service 24 /7 365, Andrews Sykes has recently invested heavily in a fleet of new 26 ton vehicles to support increasing demand.

We’ve ensured that our new fleet of vehicles meets the Governments co2 emissions standards and is fully compliant to the London emissions zone and maintaining our commitment to the environment.

Our new vehicles will offer greater load capacity and provide the very latest in HIAB lifting capability, ensuring our products can be transported to any environment safely.

Andrews Sykes at the Event Show 2008

For the 7th consecutive year, Andrews Sykes exhibited at the 2008 Event Show held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London. Our stand was managed by Carl Webb – Specialist Hire Services Director along with other members of the team who were able to promote our Specialist services and products to key decision makers within the Events industry.

The team was delighted by the response received from the many people who visited the stand with new leads and contacts made throughout the two days.

Andrews Sykes present Europe’s top hire award

For the Fifth consecutive year Andrews Sykes were proud to be a sponsor at Europe’s premier hire industry Awards in 2007.

EHN Publisher Robert Aplin won the evening’s top award, being named Hire person of the Year 2007, his award was presented by Dennis Gwynne Technical Director of Andrews Sykes specialist hire division.

Chillers & Boilers on show at HEVAR

Andrews specialist hire division recently exhibited at the London HEVAR show. The stand was managed by Andy Ellis and Scott Davidson, who reported a high level of interest form new customers throughout the two days.

A Day at the races

For the third successive year Andrews Sykes were involved in the H&V News race day held at Sandown Park.

The day involved sponsoring the fourth race and presenting awards to the winning owner, jockey and also best turned out horse, over 30 customers joined us to make the day a great success.

ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation

ISO 14001:2004 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems.

Andrews Sykes Group plc is now a certified organisation of the BS EN ISO 14001:2004, Gaining this sought after accreditation, not only sends a positive message to our shareholders, customers, staff and suppliers, but it once again proves that Andrews Sykes continues to lead the way in developing innovative customer service levels that our competitors look on with envy.

Andrews Sykes committed to working towards a better Environment.

Sykes Pumps exhibiting at Thames Gateway

The award-winning Thames Gateway Forum is the annual meeting place for all those involved in the regeneration of The Thames Gateway and Olympic region. Sykes Pumps will be attending for the third year running on stand A5 on the 28th & 29th of November 2007, we look forward to you visiting our stand.

Norwich Depot moves

We have relocated from Bessemer Road, Norwich, NR4 6DQ after many years into a more customer orientated area, our new address is 16 Burnet Road, Sweet Briar Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR3 2BS.

Andrews Sykes is a name people trust. We’ve been helping people to manage their environments and achieve their business goals, whatever they may be, since 1847. We offer a complete service 24/7 365 days a year, for full details of our range and all other professional services call 0800 211 611

Flagship Hospital

Andrews Specialist Hire was called into one of the most prestigious hospitals in London to help them with their extreme temperature problems they had been experiencing.

Last summer the hospital experience high temperatures in their atrium and in other parts of the hospital, it got so hot that they had customers and patients complaining about the heat. Since then the trust has been working with the contractors, designers as well as Andrews Specialist Hire Division to develop longer-term measures to ensure the building would be better equipped to cope with any extreme weather conditions in the future. Andrews’ solution to the hospitals problem was to introduction a Chiller unit on the roof of the hospital which would cool air being supplied to the building during times of extreme temperatures.