Humidifier Hire


The presence of an air conditioning system inside an office can have a detrimental effect on maintaining sufficient moisture content within the air. In the modern day, having a practical humidifier arrangement in place is now a fundamental component of everyday office climate control and brings a range of benefits to your members of staff working inside.


As experts in the installation of temporary humidifier hire equipment, we understand the implications of people spending several hours a day inside an office with low relative humidity. Our engineers are widely experienced in devising solutions to suit office environments of any size or layout, so you can be confident in our ability to assist with any humidity-related requirement.

Our comprehensive range of humidifiers for hire has been designed with the needs of our customers in mind, incorporating low energy units to keep running costs low. We offer clients free site surveys which allow us to gain a better perspective of your application before recommending the best course of action for you.

All units within our range are low maintenance and quick to install, guaranteeing a swift and effective response to low relative humidity.


When the air humidity levels of an office deviate from the scientifically agreed optimum range of between 40-60%, it is far more likely that viruses and bacteria will spread through the air. Air with sufficient moisture content helps to bind dust particles more quickly than dry air, noticeably improving air circulation for people working inside.

Extensive exposure to dry environments can cause a number of unwanted side effects, ranging from electrostatic shocks, itchy skin, sore eyes and dehydration, among others. There is also a significantly increased likelihood of influenza and other infectious diseases being transmitted through the air, which can lead to widespread absenteeism, reduced productivity and complaints from staff.

Installing a humidifier unit will address these problems and eliminate the potential for your employees to experience discomfort while in the office. This simple measure can play a key role in creating a pleasant and balanced setting to work in by minimising the likelihood of illness impairing the output and efficiency of your workforce.


While it is crucial that the continued well-being of staff remains your number one priority, it is also important to consider the impact low relative humidity could have on your other critical assets – your IT systems. It is well-known that high temperatures can cause computer hardware to malfunction. The impact of dry air on the service life of this very same equipment is, however, less commonly thought of.

When relative humidity falls below 40%, there is a dramatic increase in the probability of static electricity being discharged and causing irreversible damage to computer consoles, screens or other elements. The majority of chips in a computer system are extremely vulnerable to even small voltages, but this can easily be avoided by maintaining the correct level of relative humidity.

With hundreds of humidifier units in stock, you can depend on us to deliver and install your equipment within hours of contact. Call us on 0800 211 611 to discuss your requirements or complete an enquiry form and one of our experts will be in touch.

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