Blog20 August 2020

University requires chiller hire during hectic application period

With universities up and down the country preparing for the hectic period in which online applications are submitted by would-be students, the anticipated high volume of data traffic prompted one South Eastern institution to take additional precautions.

The client was concerned about high seasonal temperatures potentially affecting their server room and this was prior to the expected peak on their internal network system.

Exam results were just days away from being revealed, meaning a temporary air conditioning hire was required beforehand to ensure this particular university’s telecommunication services were kept online.

Time was therefore very much of the essence and meant that one of our local experts was needed on site as soon as possible to help devise a practical cooling arrangement. An Andrews technician arrived at the premises on the same day of the enquiry and proposed a solution that could be delivered, installed and functional within 24 hours.

With the help of a Hiab lorry, a 100kW chiller was lifted into a pre-agreed position adjacent to the target application. Hoses were then run directly from the unit into the server room via an open window, connecting the chiller to two air handling units situated inside. In addition to our chiller, two PAC 22 portable air conditioning units were also deployed inside the building to accommodate the necessary cooling capacities.

Our engineers were on site until 9pm in the evening to ensure all equipment was in place and performing as expected – something that did not go unnoticed by the customer. The client was quick to praise Andrews Air Conditioning for the proficiency of our equipment, specifically expressing relief that the kit had maintained a stable temperature of around 17⁰C from the minute it was installed.

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