Blog14 April 2022

The show goes on for motorsport fans thanks to Andrews!

On a boiling hot day, there’s nothing quite like having the luxury of turning to your air conditioning system safely in the knowledge that cooling relief is just seconds away. In most surroundings, you won’t need to pay too much attention to the slight reduction in relative humidity that comes as a by-product of moisture being removed from the air.

However, there are times when steps must be taken to ensure that RH does not fall below 50%. In a broadcasting environment, for example, a lack of moisture content in the air can lead to the build-up of static electricity on cameras, monitors and other hardware. In fact, failure to monitor these conditions properly can even affect the signal strength of a radio wave, which will likely cause disruption to a transmission.

Because of this, the management company responsible for promoting one of the world’s most popular motorsports got in touch with us about the prospect of providing some portable humidification units.


Typically, our client sets up a temporary broadcasting centre near to whichever track an event is being held at – and that’s what happened in this instance. Effectively, they were looking for some kit to counteract the fact that the air conditioning units on site were slowly drying the indoor air.

Our experts explained that static build-up tends to occur when RH is below 45%, and this could be prevented by deploying four Century Series 4 humidifiers inside their hub. The free site survey we provided beforehand was crucial to us ensuring that humidity wasn’t increased beyond a safe level, meaning a perfect equilibrium could be reached and maintained.

Thanks in no small part to the quick turnaround of our equipment, racing fans were able to enjoy the day’s TV coverage with potential technical issues safely averted.