Blog9 May 2022

Server room outage avoided thanks to out-of-hours air conditioning rental

After receiving an emergency call from an industrial solutions provider late one workday evening, our team went above and beyond to ensure the requirement was satisfied before the clock struck midnight.

Our customer is responsible for delivering maintenance, facilities management and engineering services to businesses from multiple sectors, with urgent action promptly needed after one of their client’s data centres unexpectedly lost all cooling output.

As is the case with many critical applications, there is simply no time for an engineer to visit site and propose a solution when the risk of server failure is amplified with every second that passes. Fortunately, our technical experts are extremely proficient in specifying the correct equipment over the phone – an essential skill in moments like the one described above.

Knowing what was at stake and that our contact was understandably concerned about potential consequences, we mobilised quickly to ensure that two PAC 22 units could be delivered to a location near Oxford.

This data centre air conditioning hire was coordinated from our Heathrow depot and meant that barely three hours had passed between the enquiry being received and all kit being installed.

Despite our client’s trepidation regarding their original prognosis of the situation, we were able to successfully avert any disastrous outcomes by keeping all computer hardware online while their permanent air conditioning system was repaired.