Blog11 November 2019

Seasonal storage requirements prompt increase in marquee heater hires

At this time of year, falling seasonal temperatures coincide with the hectic Christmas build-up to leave many businesses seeking additional storage space for their goods and products. Last year alone, almost £80 billion was spent by UK consumers during the festive period – an increase of 1.4% from 2017.

And with retail expenditure showing no sign of decreasing this Christmas, the reasons behind the need for more storage areas are abundantly clear.

As such, we’ve noticed a sizeable increase in the number of enquiries relating to heater hire for temporary storage applications, with a well-known entertainment technology company recently getting in touch with us in search of a solution.

Our Warwickshire-based client approached us and specifically requested an indirect diesel fired heater for their temporary building which was being used solely for storage purposes. Regional temperatures were frequently dropping close to 0⁰C overnight and this could have had serious ramifications for the equipment being kept inside.

Due to the size of the marquee and the desired temperature rise, we selected a single Aurora FH2000S heating unit which was to be deployed outside the marquee. Lengths of ducting were then used to direct large volumes of warm air inside and ensure it was evenly circulated around the application.

The hired heating unit was fitted with an automatic thermostat to ensure the marquee was constantly kept at the required temperature, enabling our equipment to shut off and conserve energy once conditions were as they should be.

Despite the relatively short notice, our engineers were able to get to site, assess the best course of action and install a suitable heating unit within a matter of hours. Our quick service was greatly appreciated by the customer who was both delighted and relieved that the unit we selected provided effective frost protection whilst safeguarding the marquee and its contents.