Blog2 April 2024

Revolutionising industrial water management: Introducing our new Water Treatment division

At Sykes Pumps, we understand the critical importance of effective water treatment for industrial operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Water Treatment range, featuring advanced technologies to enhance water quality compliance and management.

With decades of experience behind us, we’re delighted to now offer our customers these groundbreaking new solutions and establish a division specifically geared towards this niche provision. We will leverage our expertise to develop and pioneer innovations ahead of legislative changes, keeping our customers on the right side of environmental conformity.

Initially, our line-up includes four key components:

Lamella Clarifiers (LC25 + LC50)

These high-rate inclined plate clarification systems quickly separate out hard-to-settle suspended solids like silt and clay. The angled inclined lamella provide more effective settling and compaction of solids compared to traditional models. This makes them ideal for high volume treatment of silty water or wastewater with slow settling particles. The compact lamella design also allows large throughput capacities within a small footprint.

Chemical Dosing Systems (CDS)

Precision dosing of pH adjusting chemicals and coagulants is made simple with our automated system. Treatment chemicals are stored securely in bunded chemical containers and then delivered via a smart dosing pump to water intake points. This enables optimised real-time pH correction and coagulant injection to precisely bind together suspended solids, enhancing downstream clarification.

Polymer Dosing Systems (PDS)

Specifically formulated liquid polymers aid the coagulation process by bridging together destabilised particles to create larger flocs that settle rapidly. Our polymer system automatically prepares the liquid polymer followed by controlled dosing into the water flow. The polymers bring together fine colloids and other particles, speeding up settling and significantly improving clarification.

Water Monitoring Systems (WMS)

Remote monitoring of the full water treatment process is available using our user-friendly real-time telemetry interface. Operators can track live system data like flow, TSS and pH along with access to trends and reports of the clarified water quality. The system can also send automated alerts for events like pH out of consent. This maximises efficiency and ease of management without there being any need for on-site presence.

Together, these advanced technologies create a comprehensive water treatment solution for even the most rigorous industrial challenges. Clarification, optimised chemical dosing, automatic polymer activation and remote telemetry allow businesses to:

    • Maintain Environmental Compliance by proactively treating water before discharge eliminates contaminants and suspended solids to meet all Environment Agency regulations and bespoke discharge consents. Real-time telemetry provides data to demonstrate compliance to regulators. This avoids the substantial financial risks of excessive pollution fines – an issued that has plagued some of the country’s largest companies. Our equipment consistently produces treated water aligning with or surpassing consent conditions, with these high standards very much a fulcrum of the Sykes service charter.


    • Showcase Sustainability by investing in modern water treatment, demonstrating a credible commitment to responsible environmental practices. With stakeholders increasingly focused on sustainability, responsible water management helps safeguard reputation. Our high-quality equipment signifies dedication to best practices.

    • Protect Natural Resources by treating water before discharge, minimising ecological impacts by tackling pollutants in an eco-conscious manner. Removing solids, balancing pH levels and dosing polymers lessens threats to wildlife and ecosystems. Clarifying wastewater also enables reuse for secondary applications, conserving resources.


    • Improve Operational Efficiency by clarifying and reusing water on site to reduce demand on external sources – thus lowering costs. Less silty process water also protects downstream equipment from excessive wear and damage, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. Reliable treatment also prevents shutdowns and revenue losses caused by avoidable disruptions.

    To learn more about our Water Treatment services and how they can benefit your operation, contact a local specialist today.

    We’re putting the future of clients’ water compliance and efficiency into focus by making it easy for you to avoid financial penalties, reputation damage, or any other undesirable outcomes.

    With our revolutionary solutions, we can help you achieve higher quality, lower risks, greater sustainability, and new levels of operational productivity.