Blog10 February 2021

Replacement heating system bails out major British retailer

When the Direct Expansion (DX) units failed at a well-known food store in Yorkshire, alternative equipment was required on site immediately to restore conditions inside the premises. Our customer explained that their original system was not repairable and that, having received complaints, a stand-in heating solution was required immediately.

Andrews’ regional expert visited the food hall to determine the best way forward and recommended the installation of one of our high capacity FH2000 units. The idea was for our temporary heater to feed warm air into the store by using the client’s own ventilation shafts. A custom-made spigot was then made to ensure our 600mm ducting could be connected to the system.

Our client was delighted with the proposal as it meant that only one heater was required to warm the entire premises. Space restrictions around the vicinity meant the unit was allotted a very specific position on site, with delivery and installation carried out when the store was closed at the customer’s request.

Despite the manager’s concerns that the shop floor would be without heating for a considerable period, we were able to devise a practical and simple solution that was up and running less than 48 hours after we were first made aware of the issue. The unit we provided helped increase internal temperatures by more than 10⁰C, guaranteeing a more comfortable shopping experience for the store’s many visitors.