Blog20 April 2020

Portable air conditioner helps Swiss chef produce chocolate for medical staff

With lockdown restrictions in place across much of Europe while the continent attempts to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, one man in Switzerland focused his energy on spreading some kindness within his community.

Samuel Müller – a pastry chef from Neuchâtel – used his culinary skills to help bring joy to others after finding himself temporarily unemployed due to the closure of the restaurant he works at. A desire to do something positive in the face of adversity prompted Samuel to manufacture large quantities of homemade chocolate with the intention of delivering the goods to people working at local hospitals.

High seasonal temperatures in Switzerland meant his production area became extremely warm, with cooler conditions required to enhance both preparation and storage. As such, Samuel approached us with the intention of hiring a portable cooling solution.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to assist him with his endeavours by providing a free air conditioning unit for the duration of his work.

Once temperatures were reduced to a more comfortable level, Samuel was able to direct his attention towards creating more than 3,000 chocolate treats. These were then distributed voluntarily to nearby medical facilities and gratefully received by nursing staff and other employees who enjoyed some sweet tasting respite.

The fruits of Samuel’s labour can be seen below, and it’s easy to see why his generosity was so well-received!