Blog30 August 2022

Last-ditch air conditioning hire keeps luminarium exhibition open

We recently provided temporary cooling to the Light Sensory Exhibition at the Lakeside Arts Centre on campus at the University of Nottingham.

The inflatable interconnecting structures you see pictured are under continual positive pressure delivered by five specialist fans.

If internal temperatures exceed 30C, the whole exhibition is put in jeopardy – and that’s where we came in. We received the enquiry on the eve of the hottest day of the year, so there was very little room for error and lots at stake!

Our solution was to feed the aforementioned fans with the ducting of ET25 air conditioners, thus tempering the air drawn in sufficiently to give a 6C reduction inside the application without altering the specific air pressure within.

It was for this reason that units could not be deployed inside, with any advere effects likely to cause the structure to overinflate.

No matter how complicated or intricate the job, we’ll always find a way!