Blog27 September 2022

Italy’s iconic Fashion Week: Four shows, various locations, dozens of units and one big triumph!

Last week, the curtain came down on another successful and highly publicised Milan Fashion Week! Attended by revered designers, industry insiders, and others fortunate enough to receive an invitation, the shows are among the world’s most exclusive events – although our colleagues in Italy were permitted more than a sneak preview!

With climate control solutions required for a total of four shows at three different locations, it would not be an exaggeration to say it’s been a very busy week for all at Nolo Climat!

As you might imagine, some of the settings chosen to host the events could rightly be described as quirky, including a military barracks which was the scene of two shows put on by celebrated household brands.

When our team was asked to propose an air conditioning solution to suit the aforementioned application, we immediately set to work. In addition to the logistical considerations of the installation and the aesthetic demands of the two companies involved, the unpredictability of the weather meant that sudden temperature changes could occur without prior warning.

For this reason, it was decided that 6 high performance air conditioning (HPAC) units would be best as they could ensure a desirable outcome under all circumstances. Not only highly efficient, these products can also switch from air conditioning to heating in a single press of a button thanks to the incorporation of modern heat pump technology,

Three HPAC 30 and three HPAC 90 units were positioned on the edges of the structure, and configured in such a manner that meant the pipework used had minimal visual impact. In total, they covered 1,000 square metres of catwalk and parterre, 750 square metres of backstage area (make-up and hairdressers), and 200 square metres of line-up.

Both fashion shows were held in maximum climatic comfort, as ratified by the barracks and the brands involved!

Although this project occurred overseas, it is indicative of our organisation’s global aptitude for delivering tailored climate control solutions to specialist settings.

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