Blog21 February 2022

High capacity heating arrangement aids hotel building fit-out

With a new hotel in Croydon said to be just a few months away from opening, the construction company responsible for the project turned to us for a temporary heating solution. Their requirement stemmed from the need to complete the interior fit-out as quickly as possible, which was being made more difficult by the unfavourably cold conditions.

Our client had arranged for various sub-contractors to visit the location and undertake timber works, joinery, plastering and floor laying, so it was critical that the temperature and humidity levels of the building were conducive to these tasks.

Due to the hotel being an L-shape and spanning several floors, it was essential that any solution proposed could deliver sufficient heating duties. A local expert was sent to site to liaise directly with the customer, who explained that they were looking to raise the temperature and maintain a 10⁰C reading throughout.

It was decided that the best approach would be to use two FH4000 indirect fired heaters – one at either end of the building – with ducting used to distribute large volumes of warm air around the internal structure.

Work was being conducted on a floor by floor basis, but the configuration we recommended meant that ducting could easily be repositioned as and when necessary. Our two FH4000 units were complemented by a number of ASF50 ventilation fans, which were needed for the sole purpose of ensuring heat was evenly circulated to prevent any potential cold spots.

Our regional salesperson dropped in again earlier this week to check that our kit was performing as the client expected, and we’re pleased to confirm this was the case! We anticipate the equipment will remain on hire for a further six weeks, at which point this phase of the development should be more or less finished.