Blog1 March 2022

Visitors kept warm at iconic Batman franchise filming location

Last week saw fans of the seemingly timeless Batman series descend upon the abandoned Kingsway tram subway in London, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the new ‘Batmobile’ car that has become synonymous with the title since first appearing in Detective Comics in 1939.

The tunnel – a Grade II Listed structure – is the only one of its kind in Britain, and was originally built to connect existing northern and southern tramway networks.

Since its closure in 1952, the passageway has featured in numerous films, including Harry Potter, Captain America: The First Avenger, and now, The Batman.

Attendees were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the film industry’s most evocative vehicles, with movie costumes and other accessories also on display.

Although the choice of setting was undoubtedly fitting, the event’s organisers clearly had some reservations about hosting an exhibition in such surroundings while seasonal temperatures were so low.

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed a series of temporary heating units deployed along the tunnel wall, ensuring wintry conditions did not mar the occasions for those present.

Our popular DE25 electric units were viewed as the perfect solution in this instance, as their small footprint is combined with impressive heating output to allow discreet use inside applications where space is clearly at a premium.

When all is said and done, even superheroes sometimes need some help fending off the cold!