Blog11 May 2022

Heater hire enables swift completion of Scottish bridge repairs

Although you would be right to assume that the majority of enquiries we receive at this time of year relate to air conditioning, there will always be situations that necessitate the use of temporary heating equipment. In the construction sector alone, there are multiple applications that may benefit from a source of warmth even when outdoor ambient temperatures are relatively high.

The ideal temperature for pouring and curing concrete, for example, is approximately 16⁰C. This is due to the fact that concrete gains its durability and strength from a hydration process which can be drastically affected by extreme cold, heat or humidity.

There are a number of risks associated with pouring concrete in a colder environment as these conditions tend to cause the cement mixture to freeze and expand. In worst-case scenarios, unfavourable temperatures can even cause a structure’s foundations to crack – greatly undermining its integrity and causing potential safety issues.

To prevent the above scenario unfolding, our experts were called into action while remedial works were being carried out on a bridge in Edinburgh. The overpass had gradually deteriorated over the years and while it was declared structurally sound, there was a need for it to be reinforced and then painted once the concrete had set.

In order to minimise road congestion and general inconvenience, our client was looking to complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality of work. The areas requiring attention were enclosed with plastic sheeting while a temporary FH185 indirect fired heater was used to circulate warm air around the sealed space.

This simple arrangement helped accelerate curing and drying processes, meaning access was granted to the general public much more quickly than would have been the case without our intervention. Our experts have worked on multiple projects just like this – often on a significantly larger scale – and we take pride in the fact that, without exception, we can always offer a practical solution.