Blog24 February 2022

Groundwater removal paves the way for luxury spa

A specialist framework contractor frequently entrusted with high-risk developments sought the assistance of an equally trustworthy pumps supplier in order to complete a project in Oxfordshire. As part of plans to improve facilities on the site of a Grade II Listed country estate, our client was asked to lay foundations for a new health and spa lodge due to be built within the grounds.

Our involvement specifically related to the need to remove vast quantities of rain and groundwater from the new building’s footprint. The base of the new structure was due to be approximately 20 metres below ground level, meaning any pump proposed would need to be able to operate at heads above that height.

Additionally, the water would need to be discharged into the main river stream which was located more than 100 metres away from the sump. With the parameters of the job clearly defined by our local expert, we recommended the use of a single 4” super silent general purpose pump. We suggested that the unit be fitted with an on/off float switch to boost efficiency and ensure it was only operational when necessary.

The pump was left to function continuously over a four-week hire period, with all water passing through one of our purpose-built settlement tanks before being released into the natural watercourse nearby. We are delighted to report that the site clearance was completed swiftly thanks to our intervention, allowing our customer to move on to the next stage of a complex assignment.