Blog25 May 2022

Groundwater remedy keeps residential development on track

As the country’s leading provider of temporary pump hire solutions, it’s fair to say we’re very well acquainted with dewatering applications and everything they entail. Dewatering is a blanket term that refers to the removal of groundwater or surface water from an excavation site, and there are various techniques that might be adopted in order to achieve this.

The safe removal of excess water is an integral part of any construction scheme because it reduces the chances of foundations becoming unstable, or of hazardous mudslides impeding a project. Before any work is undertaken, it is essential that a dewatering strategy is factored into the schedule to ensure that all deadlines are adhered to.

Earlier this month, we were contacted by a civil engineering contractor who required a pump to address the high water table that was affecting a housing development that they were working on. The client – a long-term customer of many years – explained that despite the local beach being situated approximately two miles away, the changing tide was still causing some problems from an excavation perspective.

Due to their familiarity with Sykes’ equipment, our client was able to specifically request the pump that was needed to tackle the issue. A single 4” Super Silent unit was subsequently delivered to the location in Kent, allowing the planned work to be successfully completed a few days later. The pump has since been off-hired, but the customer has already indicated that it may be required again at a later date.