Blog5 February 2021

Global healthcare company seeks heater hire for warehouse staff

One of the most widespread knock-on effects of the COVID-19 epidemic has been a huge increase in the number of people using hand sanitiser products. There have been times where demand has greatly outstripped supply, with manufacturers desperate to plug the gap and increase availability.

Earlier this year, Andrews Sykes was contacted by a logistics company responsible for the production of hand sanitiser following a heating malfunction at two of their warehouses in the North East. It transpired that the client’s existing HVAC system was inoperable and meant that a temporary alternative would be required in two separate premises located a few hundred metres apart.

A thorough site survey was conducted following initial contact, with the customer given specific recommendations based on their unique specifications. They were quite open about their intention to seek alternative advice and quotations but chose to use us after liaising with some of our competitors.

Our proposed heater hire package involved the deployment of an FH185 indirect fired heater outside each warehouse, with separate fuel tanks provided in addition to the required lengths of ducting. This arrangement ensured that each warehouse had its own heating unit and power source, with the ducting enabling large volumes of warm air to enter the application at various entry points and thus maximise its impact and circulation.

Since the installation, we have been in regular contact with the customer who is confident that our heating system has allowed employees to work more efficiently in a warm, safe environment to fulfil the company’s distribution requirements.