Blog7 May 2021

Dehumidification hire enables building refurb at nuclear power station

Uncontrolled humidity can quickly become a problem in just about every market sector, with the power generation industry arguably more vulnerable than most due to the potential for moisture to cause corrosion, affect the lifespan of turbines and lead to the deterioration of vital components.

Andrews’ extensive experience of devising solutions for power stations and refineries means there are virtually no scenarios that our engineers haven’t seen before. From temporary shutdown assistance to tank drying applications, our experts are well-versed when it comes to maintaining the optimum level of relative humidity for whatever project a customer has in mind.

We were recently drafted in by an FM company overseeing the management of a large nuclear site in the North after a temporary dehumidification requirement surfaced.

Our client was looking to tackle two separate damp areas within the basement of a testing warehouse following a previously unsuccessful attempt. The project team were due to paint and refurbish the entire facility but could not proceed until the interior and all surfaces were suitably dry.

Thanks to the depth of our specialist drying equipment, we were quickly able to recommend a very simple yet practical course of action involving just two small units from our refrigerant dehumidification range.

An economical DH150 unit was proposed alongside our popular HD500 building dryer, with the two units combining to provide sufficient extraction rates for a job on this scale.

Given the sensitive nature of the working environment and the high-profile work our customer was undertaking, it was imperative that our local engineer offered a solution that could be used within the above parameters and adhere to the normal site regulations.

Thanks to our intervention, the projects team has been able to commence their planned renovation which is expected to be complete ahead of a deadline that was in place even prior to us being contacted.

A separate heating hire has since been mooted by the client, with their preference for using Andrews Sykes stemming from the flawless manner in which we concluded the original task.