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Best and Worst Weather Days in the UK

For our latest campaign, Andrews Sykes partnered with DTN – a global provider of independent weather insights – to uncover the days of the year where the UK is most likely to experience the best – and worst – weather.

This was calculated by collecting weather data from the last 30 years of weather data from local weather stations.

12 major cities in the UK were selected for the study, and a piece of consumer research, using OnePoll.com, was conducted to uncover further data about the types of weather Brits prefer best, which would inform how the 30 years of data from DTN was analysed.

The two pieces of research worked together to uncover the best and worst days for weather in each of these major cities:


City Best day
Belfast 18th July
Brighton 25th July
Bristol 23rd July
Cardiff 25th July
Edinburgh 18th July
Glasgow 18th July
Leeds 16th July
Liverpool 23rd July
London 24th July
Manchester 23rd July
Newcastle 23rd July
Southampton 25th July


City Worst day
Belfast 21st Dec
Brighton 21st Dec
Bristol 1st Jan
Cardiff 21st Dec
Edinburgh 25th Dec
Glasgow 25th Dec
Leeds 1st Jan
Liverpool 1st Jan
London 21st Dec
Manchester 30th Dec
Newcastle 26th Feb
Southampton 21st Dec


Survey Name: Weather Complaints

Date carried out: 07/10/2019 -10/10/2019

Number of respondents: 2000

Demographics: UK Adults (nationally representative)

1. How many times a day will you talk about the weather on average? Please select best match where 0 means less than once a day

0: 3.20%
1 – 3: 55.50%
4 – 6: 25.90%
7 – 9: 7.10%
10 – 12: 3.20%
13+: 1.90%
N/A – I never talk about the weather 3.20%
Average 3.69

2. In which type of weather are you more likely to mention the weather in a positive way?

When it’s too hot: 27.58%
When it’s cold: 8.42%
When it’s raining: 17.51%
When it’s snowing: 11.83%
When it’s hailing: 1.39%
When it’s windy: 1.86%
Other type of weather: 6.82%
N/A – Not sure/no particular type of weather: 24.59%

3. In which type of weather are you most likely to mention the weather in a negative way?

When it’s too hot: 15.13%
When it’s cold: 15.19%
When it’s raining: 37.24%
When it’s snowing: 10.90%
When it’s hailing: 4.91%
When it’s windy: 5.89%
Other type of weather: 0.26%
N/A – Not sure/no particular type of weather: 10.49%

4. For which of the following reasons would you bring up the weather in conversation?

It’s just the British thing to do: 46.28%
To fill an awkward silence: 29.29%
Because I genuinely find it interesting: 18.65%
To break the ice: 32.33%
It’s just automatic: 42.05%
I don’t tend to bring it up but others do: 11.52%
To divert the conversation away from another topic: 14.98%
It’s a good excuse to have a grumble: 24.33%
As an excuse to talk to someone: 25.57%
None of the above: 5.42%

5. On an ideal day of weather for you, how strong are the winds?

No wind: 19.25%
Light breeze: 61.35%
Moderate wind: 12.40%
Heavy wind: 2.90%
Not sure: 4.10%

6. On an ideal day of weather for you, how would you best describe the temperature?

Very hot: 4.20%
Hot: 37.95%
Mild: 47.25%
Cold: 5.80%
Very cold: 1.20%
Not sure: 3.60%

7. What would be your ideal outside temperature? Please select best match

Less than 0: 0.80%
0-5 0.45%
6 – 10 2.85%
11 – 15 7.35%
16-20 18.10%
21-22 19.75%
23-24 19.95%
25-26 15.40%

27-28 7.70%
29-30 4.05%
31-32 1.30%
33-34 0.60%
35-36 0.60%

37-38 0.40%
39-40 0.40%
41+ 0.30%
Average 22.06

8. Do you enjoy talking about the weather?

Yes: 53.46%
No: 18.70%
Not sure: 27.84%

9. What is your ideal weather?

Snow: 3.60%
Heavy rain: 2.15%
Light, drizzly rain: 2.70%
Sunny and hot: 41.35%
Cold and Sunny: 10.40%
Hot with no sun: 5.40%
Hail: 0.50%
Mild: 24.10%
Windy: 1.70%
Other weather: 2.30%
N/A – Not sure/I don’t have one: 5.80%

10. What is your favourite month regarding the weather?

January: 1.30%
February: 1.30%
March: 2.70%
April: 4.20%
May: 12.60%
June: 15.65%
July: 16.40%
August: 13.00%
September: 7.05%
October: 3.95%
November: 1.50%
December: 1.85%
N/A – Not sure/I don’t have a favourite month for weather: 18.50%

11. What is your least favourite kind of weather?

Snow: 15.40%
Heavy rain: 37.10%
Light, drizzly rain: 8.00%
Sunny and hot: 9.90%
Cold and Sunny: 3.50%
Hot with no sun: 4.80%
Hail: 5.75%
Mild: 0.60%
Windy: 7.60%
Other weather: 1.30%
N/A – Not sure/I don’t have one: 6.05%

12. How often do you find yourself changing or cancelling plans because of the weather?

Often: 5.55%
Sometimes: 35.85%
Rarely: 45.45%

Never: 13.15%

13. Have you ever contacted someone specifically to talk about the weather?

Yes: 14.88%
No: 75.15%
Not sure/can’t remember: 9.97%

14. How much would you say the temperature affects your mood?

Significantly: 16.65%
Somewhat: 51.00%
Not very much: 24.30%
Not at all: 8.05%

15. How strongly do you agree with the following statement? ‘As the winter months draw in, I worry about staying warm’

Strongly agree 12.55%
Somewhat agree 29.80%
Neither agree nor disagree 23.65%
Somewhat disagree 20.80%
Strongly disagree 13.20%

16. Which of the following have you done to stay warm when the temperature drops?

Put on extra layers: 69.15%
Turn the heating on: 70.85%
Buy extra heaters: 13.50%
Exercise: 18.40%
Have a warm shower/bath: 37.30%
Cuddle up to my partner: 29.80%
Cuddle up to the dog/cat: 15.85%
Get extra blankets out: 51.25%
Go to bed: 38.25%
Have a hot drink: 57.60%
Eat spicy food: 7.65%
Have a hot meal: 37.00%
None of the above: 3.45%

17. How much do you worry about your home being warm enough over winter?

I worry a lot: 9.00%
I worry somewhat: 33.35%
I do not worry much: 37.05%
I do not worry at all: 20.60%

18. Do you find it easier to warm up when you’re cold, or cool down when you’re too hot?

Warm up when I’m cold: 44.55%
Cool down when I’m hot: 24.95%
Both equally: 22.10%
Neither/Not sure: 8.40%

19. How often do you check the weather report? (using traditional weather report shows, on the radio, online etc.) Please select best match

Several times a day: 19.85%
Once a day: 41.45%
Every 2-3 days: 16.05%
Every 4-6 days: 6.40%
Once a week: 6.15%
Once every 2-3 weeks: 2.65%
Once a month: 1.50%
Once every 2-6 months: 1.35%
Once a year: 0%
Less than once a year: 0.30%
Never: 4.30%

20. How strongly do you agree with the following statement? ‘I often disagree with my family or colleagues on what the perfect temperature is’

Strongly agree: 10.12%
Somewhat agree: 29.29%
Neither agree nor disagree: 40.55%
Somewhat disagree: 11.62%
Strongly disagree: 8.42%

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