Blog19 November 2020

Former Ford factory converted into temporary hospital

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a 1950s industrial unit and former car factory in South Wales was transformed into a field hospital as part of a countrywide effort to overcome the virus. The 11,000 square metre site is now a renowned film studio and has undergone a drastic overhaul thanks to Swansea City Council’s collaborative work with various contractors.

Creating space for more than 1,300 beds over a two-phase project, the hospital is now fully operational and may potentially be used even after the effects of coronavirus have subsided. With this likelihood in mind, we were approached by the construction manager and asked to supply hired cooling and heating solutions to ensure that multi-seasonal climate control was available prior to opening.

The urgent nature of the fit-out required our engineers to be working around the clock, with four 500kW boilers, two 500kW chillers and two 375kW chillers installed at specific times outlined by the client. By working in this manner, we eased the customer’s logistical worries and allowed them to redirect their focus to other aspects of the development.

Our units provided the entire facility with heating and hot water for basins and showers, with a source of air conditioning also on standby ahead of increased summer temperatures. All hire equipment was connected to the site’s existing low loss header, which drives the air handers situated within the hospital itself.

In this situation, our speed of response was the key element and guaranteed reliable heating and cooling solutions to a client under intense pressure. A regional Andrews expert has revisited the premises on several occasions to ensure everything continues to perform as expected, with our equipment functioning precisely as it should.

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