Blog12 October 2022

Andrews lays on another assist for Football League club!

There’s a bit of a misconception around temporary boiler solutions, with many believing them to be awkward, logistically challenging and time-consuming to install. Not true.

Which is just as well, because around three quarters of our boiler hire agreements at Andrews Sykes relate to emergency projects where reactivity is key.

In mid-September, we were contacted by the estates team responsible for managing a multi-purpose stadium, after a major issue was diagnosed with the internal boiler network on site.

A hectic fixture list coupled with other scheduled events due to take place at the facility meant that an instant response was not just desired, but essential.

Having established an excellent relationship with the client, they were confident in our ability to restore all domestic hot water services to ensure the stadium could remain operational.

Andrews’ local expert visited site less than two hours after we received the enquiry, allowing us to liaise directly with the customer and ascertain their requirements. During this consultation, our specialist proposed the use of a 300kW single circuit boiler which could be directly connected to the existing system.

Thanks in no small part to the client’s positive previous experience of our impeccable service, we successfully secured the order and immediately began coordinating delivery.

The entire process – from enquiry to completed installation – took less than 24 hours in total, debunking the notion that projects featuring heavy-duty equipment involve longer lead times.

We are always sufficiently prepared to address urgent requirements at next to no notice, but we always recommend that customers consider the benefits of establishing a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.

If you’d like more information on this component of our service, or you’d like to discuss hiring a boiler for an unspecified period of time, call us today on 0800 211 611.