Blog3 October 2022

Andrews’ engineers heralded following successful installation for major Belgian TV broadcaster!

There’s no better indicator of our aptitude than clients taking the trouble to point it out – and we must admit, it’s very nice to hear!

Our team in Belgium were grateful to receive another positive testimonial earlier this week, after a potentially disastrous situation was resolved.

One of the country’s largest TV and radio stations suffered an unexpected cooling outage, leaving a large server room at the mercy of the elements.

The multinational utilities company responsible for the building’s maintenance requirements quickly got in touch with our Belgian colleagues, with the severity of the issue communicated in no uncertain terms.

Their response was decisive and prompt – something we have quite rightly gained a reputation for!

With time against all parties, a total of thirteen PAC air conditioning units – 10 PAC 22s and three PAC 60s – were delivered to site early the following morning, averting a catastrophe and enabling production schedules to continue without hindrance.

With our equipment safely in place and doing its job, we received a simple but meaningful message from the customer. It read, simply: “We appreciate the quick intervention and the very good work of your technicians. Thank you very much!”

Naturally, we are delighted to receive such a conclusive endorsement of our ability to devise practical solutions in high-pressure environments, but what’s more important to us is knowing that our customer was satisfied. And we look forward to that continuing!