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No other air conditioning rental supplier can match Andrews Air Conditioning’s expertise in the healthcare sector. We are experts in the provision of portable air conditioning hire, trusted and approved by hospitals, health centres and surgeries across the UK. Our comprehensive range of rental equipment provides clean, cost-effective cooling and instant emergency back-up. So if your permanent air con system fails or needs supplementary cooling during periods of exceptional demand, we aim to have equipment on site within four hours of your call, anywhere in the country, any time of day or night. We have UK’s widest range of portable air conditioners, ventilation fans, chillers and air handlers, and a reputation for reliability and value for money to match.

Effective air conditioning, although rarely even considered until something goes wrong, is vital for the comfort and well-being of hospital patients. Excessively high temperatures can extend recovery periods and promote the more rapid spread of infection. In extreme circumstances, effective temperature control really can be a matter of life and death. In hospital patients, their relatives and friends are often undergoing a period of physical and emotional stress.

At Andrews Air Conditioning we understand the important contribution our rental equipment and unrivalled expertise can make by providing a cool, comfortable environment. Our portable air conditioners are energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Of course hygiene is of utmost importance so our units are delivered clean and fully serviced.

Andrews’ temporary aircon equipment is attractively designed and operates quietly and discreetly. It can therefore be used with confidence in a wide range of applications such as wards, private recovery rooms and consulting areas. If a greater volume of cooled air is required, the Andrews Sykes Specialist Hire division offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated temporary Chillers which can be connected to the hospital’s own chilled water distribution and heat exchange system or, if a standalone large capacity rental air conditioning system is required, our chillers will be connected to our matching Air Handling Units and ducting.

Alternatively our large capacity self-contained DX air conditioners such as the HPAC90 can be used. These solutions may be particularly suited to larger wards, facilities housing temperature-sensitive IT and diagnostic equipment or even a temporary mortuary.

We understand the special requirements of your vital sector - so don’t let rising temperatures try your patients. When you need to hire temporary air conditioners, we’re here to help.

Visiting a doctor’s surgery, health centre or clinic can be a stressful experience, especially for the very young, elderly or infirm. A calm, soothing environment will go some way to alleviating these anxieties so Andrews Air Conditioning is always available to lend a helping hand. We know there are many different applications for temporary air conditioning hire across the health sector and our modular equipment is infinitely flexible and can be configured to suit any requirement. Specialist environments demand specialist advice so we’re always happy to visit your workplace to develop the ideal temporary cooling solution.

In environments where members of the public will be close to air conditioning installations, it is vital that all equipment satisfies the most stringent Health & Safety legislation. This is particularly true in situations involving children, the elderly or psychiatric patients. Patient and staff morale will be improved if effective temperature control is maintained. Of course occasional breakdowns or shortfalls in cooling capacity will inevitably occur so a swift response and an effective hired in cooling solution will ensure patients and staff members feel valued. Resolving any problems quickly also provides a positive impression of quality, high quality care and best practice. Each Andrews Sykes branch stocks a comprehensive range of air conditioning units and, with branches nationwide, help is never far away. In fact we guarantee to deliver our rental equipment within four hours of your call if necessary.

London hospital seeks emergency cooling for high dependency ward
During the record-breaking summer of 2018, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was contacted by a large hospital in East London after an urgent need for some short-term cooling equipment surfaced. There were serious concerns for the safety of a number of patients in the high dependency ward and so urgent action was required to reduce temperatures [...]
Andrews provide emergency cooling for one of London’s largest hospitals
When one of London’s largest hospitals had trouble combating extremely high temperatures inside their intensive care unit, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was drafted in to provide them with an effective cooling solution to help improve conditions. The client’s existing climate control equipment had recently suffered a failure, causing temperatures to rise to such an extent [...]
Andrews provide Hampshire hospital with emergency cooling
When a high-profile hospital located in Hampshire contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our expert team stepped in to ensure the requirement was met. Our client was experiencing difficulties with their transformers which were overheating and threatening to fail, putting the hospital in serious danger of losing all power. [...]
Air conditioning hire keeps hospital ward cool during hot spell
When a high-profile hospital was in need of some urgent cooling equipment to reduce temperatures in their pathology department, our specialists were drafted in to provide a temporary cooling hire solution. This was needed with immediate effect, to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect important medical equipment, meaning a quick response was essential. [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep leading blood and transplantation service functional
Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were recently contacted by one of the UK’s leading blood and transplantation services after their centre experienced a chiller breakdown. The company in question manage the donation, storage and transplantation of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow and stems cells. It is absolutely imperative that blood is stored correctly to prevent the [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning cool healthcare facility kitchen
In a healthcare environment, where people are already unwell, it is absolutely imperative that patients’ food is stored correctly to prevent them suffering any further illness. Rising temperatures in Scotland had caused an Edinburgh hospital some difficulties in this regard, and so emergency cooling equipment was needed to ensure frozen goods remained safe for consumption. [...]
Yorkshire hospital requires emergency air conditioning
When the ill and infirm are exposed to excessive temperatures, it can cause the development of respiratory infections or even trigger allergies depending on the circumstances. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering robust, safe and reliable cooling systems to hospitals within 4 hours of first contact. One of our existing clients approached us regarding [...]
Healthcare production line kept cool
An international pharmaceutical company headquartered in London required a cooling solution for staff on their production line. They called Andrews Air Conditioning and within hours a site survey was completed. This organisation employs 100,000 people worldwide therefore it is vital staff are kept comfortable. The healthcare industry is worth billions of pounds consequently it is [...]
Hospital in need of urgent cooling
Heat is a well described occupational hazard. People who are physically active in high temperatures are at increased risk of heat injury. When the temperature soared in a Gloucestershire Hospital the building became distressingly hot. An urgent site survey was carried out following the hospitals management team’s request.   Andrews Air Conditioning Hire delivered 60 [...]
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