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Facilities Management

We are experts in the provision of portable air conditioning hire to the facilities management sector. Our comprehensive range of equipment provides cost-effective cooling and instant emergency back-up in a wide variety of facilities including hospitals, IT & telecoms, retail premises, offices, schools and many more. We understand the commitments facilities managers must make to your clients – so when you need to hire temporary air conditioning, we’re here to help you keep your promises.

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Our FM Expertise

The continued success of the facilities management sector demonstrates its value to clients in a diverse range of sectors. Building services are a crucial component of facilities management, of which air conditioning is an increasingly important component. With a wealth of experience in the delivery of air conditioning hire solutions to facilities managers, we have the resources and expertise you need from a service partner. We offer free, on-site surveys enabling our consultants to create exactly the right system for you.

We are proud to be a Gold Partner of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM)., which emphasises our commitment to this vital industry sector. We work with BIFM members throughout the UK, developing and installing hire packages for applications in locations as diverse as air conditioning for offices, education establishments, hospitals and healthcare premises, retails sites, R&D and production facilities.

Whatever your air conditioning hire requirements, you can rely on us to solve the problem. Our vast fleet of air conditioners are available for immediate delivery from branches across the UK, installed and supported by our highly trained teams. We are equipped to deliver at the shortest notice – usually within 4 hours of your call – and you can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll always be answered by a helpful person, not by a machine.

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Business Continuity

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand how important your clients’ air conditioning is. No matter how well maintained your systems are, unexpected failures can occur. In addition, you may require a temporary increase in air conditioning capacity due to weather conditions or changes in how your facilities are used.

That’s why we provide a rapid response air conditioning hire service for our facilities management clients in the event of an unforeseen equipment failure, outage or cooling capacity shortfall. We constantly maintain the largest fleet of temporary air conditioning and ventilation equipment available in the UK. No matter what you need to keep cool – critical equipment, sensitive products or vital people – we’ll be there to get you back up and running with a cost-effective temporary air conditioning rental solution. Even if your breakdown can’t be fixed immediately, your problems certainly can.

To give facilities managers and their clients even greater peace of mind, for business-critical facilities such as IT, telecoms and security suites we’ve developed our Business Continuity Plan. This ensures that even if your vital air conditioning systems go down, your business doesn’t. We will conduct a comprehensive site survey to establish what temporary equipment would be required and where best it could be located and connected into your systems or facilities. To find out more about how our Business Continuity Plan protects you and your client against an air conditioning emergency call now on 0800 211 611 or enquire online. We’ll develop a comprehensive temporary hire solution incorporating all aspects of your cooling, heating and ventilation requirements.

Planned Maintenance

Routine planned preventative maintenance (PPM) of permanently installed air conditioning in offices, retail, healthcare, education and other premises, is a vital but easily overlooked activity for all facilities managers. However, complying with the equipment manufacturers’ maintenance schedules while avoiding downtime on your client’s systems can present a real headache. The same problem arises when you need to carry out that important pre-emptive component replacement, repair or upgrade. That’s where a temporary air conditioning hire solution from Andrews will help. To complement and assist your PPM schedules we will design and install a short-term rental solution which avoids the need for any reduction or suspension of the permanent cooling capacity. That gives you time to complete the necessary maintenance, repair or upgrade and keeps your client cool and content.

Our wide range of exhaust tube and water-cooled split air conditioners is complemented by vast stocks of ventilation fans, ducting and evaporative coolers. Our market-leading air conditioning rental fleet also includes temporary water chillers and large capacity DX units which, when combined with our air handlers and flexible ducting, produce large volumes of conditioned air ideal for replacing and supporting large permanent systems.

For facilities management providers who need to carry out PPMs on installed air conditioning systems while avoiding downtime, temporary air conditioning hire from Andrews is the ideal solution. To discover exactly how we can help call now on 0800 211 611 or enquire online.

Case studies

Our range

Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

Our exhaust tube units feature revolutionary technology and can be operational within minutes via swift plug-and-play installation

Split Type Air Conditioners

Offering cooling capacities between 4kW and 17kW, our split type air conditioners have been designed for server rooms, data centres and offices

Evaporative Coolers

These units provide instant cooling via the transmission of a sea breeze effect and are commonly used in instances where an external source is unavailable.

Cooling Fans

Capable of producing air flows of up to 37,000m³/h, our cooling fans circulate clean, fresh air to provide subtle comfort cooling in any environment

Portable Humidifiers

Compact and reliable, our portable humidifier units add moisture to an indoor application and are operated by connecting to a traditional 3-pin power socket

High Performance Air Conditioners

With cooling capacities of up to 90kW, our high performance air conditioners are perfect for larger areas including factories, data centres and manufacturing facilities