Pump Hire

Manufacturing & Industry

Manufacturing and engineering environments are problematical enough without project managers having to worry about the right pumping services and equipment. At Sykes Pumps, we specialise in providing our customers with bespoke solutions, whatever the working environment. We understand that processes and production cannot be interrupted, so our experienced teams ensure that your pump hire requirements are delivered quickly and with minimal disturbance to your everyday operations.

Our Experience

Led by industry experts and seasoned professionals, our company has more than 160 years’ experience providing clients in manufacturing and industrial facilities with technical advice, maintenance and equipment hire. Our submersible and surface mounted pumps have been designed with your precise requirements in mind and are continually upgraded to help reduce running costs. We recognise the importance of offering adequate assistance to organisations in your field and the severe implications for operations faltering.

Whatever the key objectives for your facility, Sykes Pumps will be able to provide temporary pump hire solutions that will help you achieve those objectives rather than hinder the progress. Our experience includes the provision of pump systems to support in-house pumping stations during period of maintenance, effluent pumping, pressurised systems for cleaning storage containers or testing pipes and tanks and boosting recirculation systems for process cooling.

Most manufacturing or industrial facilities have pumps permanently installed and the need to hire pumps is often due to system overload or even failure. In these circumstances, Sykes Pumps react quickly to prevent any lost time or lost product. We operate a true 24/7 service meaning that you can speak to one of our professionals at any time of the day or night. Once we have established exactly what you need we will deliver to you from the nearest of our national network of depots.

Pipe flushing

In the manufacturing industry particularly, flushing pipes is an essential procedure which keeps water systems in peak condition. Failure to periodically cleanse tubes and pipework can lead to unwanted sediments building up inside them and thus pose health risks if not properly attended to. It is recommended that companies carry out this process frequently to ensure fluids remain uncontaminated and of the purist quality possible.

When the need for effective flushing arises, a specialist team of technicians are on hand nationwide to systematically clean water mains, hydrants or any other targeted areas. Their level of experience guarantees the job is carried out efficiently and by close control of water flow, every element of water line is flushed at the best possible flow rate. Our advisors will appraise your site before implementing a system, helping to avoid downtime and other associated costs.

With the biggest range of pumping equipment available for hire in the country, our clients trust us to deliver solutions swiftly when the need arises. Each unit is fitted with a mechanical seal, facilitating high pressure water generation for the most challenging of requests. These are easily controlled and ready for use within seconds of deployment and regularly used for projects of this nature.

Effluent Pumping

Many large manufacturing plants often require additional pumping in order to transfer wastewater from one location to another. As the UK’s longest established specialist hire company, we have decades of involvement with industrial businesses and supplying solutions for effluent pumping requirements. Through careful selection of pumps from our diesel or electric submersible fleet we can ensure that this delicate operation is completed without mishap.

Our units have been specifically designed for sump pumping or handling solids, and are capable of removing large volumes of wastewater extremely quickly. Our expertise is such that the largest water companies in the UK trust us with the provision of temporary pumps for their sewage treatment works, operations that move hundreds of thousands of litres of wastewater each day. Our experience in such large scale operations means that we can be trusted to deal with wastewater systems of any size or volume cleanly and efficiently.

With thousands of pumps in stock across our depot network, you can depend on us to deliver units quickly in the event of an emergency. Our support staff are constantly available to handle enquiries and can even provide technical assistance over the phone. For more information on our services and how you can benefit from them, call us today on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

General Purpose Pumps

Our automatic self-priming GP pumps can handle clean water, sludge and slurry, offering flexible solutions in a multitude of scenarios

Super Silenced Range

The Sykes range of silenced pumps provides clients with a number of durable units suitable for deployment in noise-sensitive applications

High Performance

Capable of flow rates of up to 375 l/s, these high performance pumps are ideal for specialist applications including jetting, pipe flushing and firefighting

Bentonite Pumps

Our Bentonite range features heavy duty pumps that have been manufactured with slurries and testing environments in mind

Submersible Drainage Pumps

Offering variable capacities and easy handling, our submersible drainage range is frequently used on quarries, mines and shipyards

Submersible Wastewater

Featuring more than twenty unique pumps, our submersible wastewater range offers cost-efficient pumping with flow rates up to 440 l/s

Submersible Sludge Pumps

Sykes’ submersible sludge pumps are intended for applications where the fluid present contains solids or has a higher viscosity than water

Hydraulic Submersible

Strong and lightweight, our hydraulic submersible pumps are perfect for hazardous environments where suction lifts exceed nine metres

Air Pumps

Known as pneumatic pumps, these hardwearing air units are recognised for their exceptional reliability and capacity to operate dry

Hoses and Accessories

We stock a full range of ancillary equipment including hoses, valves, control panels, steel pipes, polythene tubing, flow metres and road ramps

Environmental Equipment

This modern range allows clients to uphold their environmental responsibilities and move water, wastewater and sludge in sensitive areas