Humidifier Hire

HVAC Installations

At Andrews, we have engineers available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with HVAC installations and humidity load testing across a full range of applications. Regardless of your issue, one of our experienced engineers will always be on hand to visit your site promptly and propose whatever course of action is required to keep your operations running smoothly.


Our longstanding history of working alongside HVAC contractors has given us an unrivalled insight into the various requirements of clients in this sector. We understand the implications of incorrectly calculating air conditioning loads, for example, and the impact this can have on the humidity of whichever building this has occurred in.

Seasonal temperature changes can have a dramatic influence on the relative humidity of your application and this can have a serious knock-on effect if you are storing delicate goods inside. If you’re concerned about an HVAC installation, or require routine maintenance or an environmental assessment, you should look no further than Andrews.

The use of air conditioning systems can directly lead to moisture being removed from the air and potentially leave your premises exposed to relative humidity falling below 40%. By installing a tailored humidifier hire arrangement, you can guard against plummeting RH and safeguard your business by maintaining the optimum conditions required for your business activities to thrive.


Humidity load tests are conducted by artificially altering the conditions of an environment while varying, controlling and evaluating variations in the air’s temperature and moisture content. This process is designed to uncover potential failure points in a building’s HVAC system, with numerous testing parameters adopted to help highlight prospective issues.

This will allow a contractor to determine how much moisture should be added to the air of an application while considering the temperature and likely number of air changes. It is common practice to use humidification equipment to test a building’s newly installed air conditioning system, uncovering the ideal duty outputs based on the expected temperature at any given time.

Accurate humidity testing can mitigate avoidable issues including mechanical failures, electrical shortages, corrosion and damaged products. Our range of humidifier hire units has been designed with this use in mind, which is why our equipment is frequently used to carry out load tests in warehouses, factories, offices and hospitals.


As the leading provider of temporary humidifier hire solutions to your industry, we have the experience and knowledge required to oversee projects on any scale. We acknowledge that over time, HVAC systems may lose output or even break down entirely, which is why we have humidifier equipment constantly on standby to complement new installations as and when they occur.

All humidifiers in our modern hire fleet combine impressive duties with low power consumption and quiet operation, making them ideal for situations where a temporary increase in air moisture content is needed.

We offer our customers free site surveys to help ascertain the most suitable equipment, with same day delivery guaranteed as part of our service. Emergency humidifier rentals are usually dispatched within four hours of initial contact, so you can be confident of an instant response when an urgent requirement arises.

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