Heater Hire

Sports & Leisure

As the country’s leading heating hire company, we pride ourselves on supplying portable heaters to major sports clubs throughout the UK. We are well known for providing temporary heaters to defrost football and rugby pitches when severe weather threatens fixtures. Our broad range of heating units guarantees our clients a cost-effective solution to all temperature control issues. We also provide an emergency service, to help when emergency requirements occur, night or day, throughout the weekend and public holidays.

Our Expertise

At Andrews, we understand the implications of a broken heating system in a sporting environment – particularly when large numbers of people are present. Whether you are facing the prospect of cold corporate clients, a training facility with unsuitable temperature conditions or a frozen playing surface, we can help you. With nearly 50 years’ experience assisting sporting events of all types, no-one is better equipped than us to provide an effective solution.

Our impeccable reputation providing heat for hire has yielded a cycle of repeat business with numerous customers, but we have the capacity to assist even more. Possessing a more extensive variety of heating units than any of our competitors, we guarantee to deliver your equipment instantly, irrespective of your location. With an extensive depot network spanning the UK, we can be relied upon to dispatch our heaters within hours of your contact.

Andrews Sykes Hire were proud to supply 100’s of portable heaters to the venues which hosted the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. Our units were used to control the climate and provide heating during the games and helped create the required conditions for practice and competition locations. We also supplied units to hospitality areas, press centres and many more facilities.

Whether you need to hire a heating solution on a short-term basis or an indefinite period, we will accommodate you. Our intention is to keep clients and partners fully operational wherever possible, and we acknowledge the direct costs associated with reduced output. So if you seek a heat hire package or simply more information about our products, get in touch. Call 0800 211 611 and one of our specialist contact team can advise you accordingly.

Typical applications include;
>Defrosting sports pitches
>Temporary heating for lounges and stadia
>Heating for sports halls and arenas
>Temporary boilers for showers and changing rooms

Sports Facilities

In recent years we have developed a comprehensive understanding of sports facilities’ delicate heating requirements. We acknowledge that changing rooms and basketball courts, for example, need different minimum temperatures because of the activity of occupants. However it is just important to guard against stuffiness and stifling conditions – particularly when people are exercising vigorously.

We pledge to keep your premises suitably warm without affecting the activity or practice of those within the building. Recommended temperatures of between 12°C and 16°C are easily attained with our heaters and can be altered by the client to suit their own preference. Units in our fleet are sophisticated yet very easy to use, allowing you to make setting adjustments easily. Our efficient mobile heaters represent the perfect solution to system failures or cold weather, with thousands of units held in stock at our depots.

In addition to our extensive range of portable heaters we also provide sports facilities with a temporary boiler hire service, for use when existing boilers have failed or are in need of maintaining, our boilers provide both heating and hot water for showers and other uses.

Our service is not just about supplying heating equipment, but extends to fuel management and includes a 24/7 back-up provision. We also provide free site surveys to ensure that we will provide the best and most cost-efficient package for your situation and will deliver it instantly.

Pitch Defrosting

In winter especially, football pitches and similar grassed areas with insufficient protection from frost often suffer cancelled fixtures and lost revenue. Frost and ice can also cause long-term damage to playing surfaces if not countered effectively, but we have the expertise and experience in helping to avoid this. Attempting to control the temperature of an open area can seem daunting, but we have the equipment and know-how to ensure our clients’ match or fixture goes ahead.

During periods of cold weather, a simple heating package designed specifically for thawing ice can help you avoid the prospect of postponement. Our expert consultant team will assist you in choosing the most suitable system according to the layout and size of your premises. Temporary heating units can be deployed at ground level and discharge large volumes of warm air to ensure frost on the pitch surface quickly melts.

So if you encounter adverse weather and need emergency assistance or you’re looking ahead to the impending colder months, we can help. With thousands of heaters stored in our depots nationwide, we can guarantee instant delivery. If you would like to discuss a heating rental solution for your stadium, or simply gain more information about our service, call us on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Heaters

Designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals, our electric heaters provide safe, fume-free warmth without exhaust gases, smells or vapours

Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

These units deliver huge volumes of clean heat and are perfect for places where ventilation is limited or where people are present

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

Indirect fired gas heaters provide clean, dry heat safely and economically and are an ideal solution for places where there is limited ventilation

High Capacity Heaters

Developed to work reliably whilst unattended for long periods of time, our high capacity units can withstand the rigours of the most arduous applications

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

These units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation including garages, workshops and agricultural environments

Direct Fired Oil Heaters

Where there is sufficient air movement, our direct fired oil heaters represent a safe and effective solution to low ambient temperatures

Fuel Tanks

Our extensive range of fuel tanks has been designed to allow our heaters, boilers and pumps to operate uninterrupted for long periods