Heater Hire

Manufacturing Applications

Andrews Sykes are the experts in providing temporary heating solutions to a wide selection of manufacturing applications. We have over 50 years of experience in providing portable heaters to factories, production facilities and manufacturing plants across the UK. We understand the impact that temperature problems can have on your business and move quickly to avert them. With the UK’s largest selection of heaters for hire, you can trust us to help keep your operation continuing without disruption.

Our Expertise

As the country’s leading specialist hire company, we provide the most reliable heating solutions for our clients’ every need and location. Our intention is to help you address temperature requirements whether of an urgent nature or planned in advance. We understand the high levels of pressure that exist within the manufacturing sector to keep production running smoothly that is why we are dedicated to helping you avoid the downtime that system breakdowns can cause.

Whatever your heating requirements are, we can be relied upon to solve the problem. Our vast fleet of heaters are available for instant dispatch from our 30 branches nationwide and will be installed and maintained by our expert technicians. We pride ourselves on short-term delivery – normally within 4 hours of first contact – and on answering your call 24 hours a day.

Our proven history in supplying temporary heating units to manufacturers all over Europe firmly establishes us as the industry’s most reputable provider. We design and install heat for hire packages for a variety of specifications, so whatever your requirements, we have it covered. Our user-friendly units are simple to operate yet allow the client to adjust output temperatures to whatever level they are comfortable with.

Production Facilities

At Andrews, we have unrivalled experience in keeping people and materials at required temperatures, allowing production processes to flow. During cold periods, it is essential your employees remain suitably warm to maintain production output levels and assist contentment. We understand that a stalled production line directly affects the success of your business, which is why we guarantee a rapid response to every single enquiry.

Our assortment of electric, gas and oil heaters supplemented by a comprehensive range of dehumidifiers ensure all your heating and drying needs are catered for. We create heating solutions for every conceivable application, with clients based in a vast number of industries. From small units capable of warming single rooms through to industrial units which are capable of heating large factory units. Our fast, professional service makes us industry’s first choice for emergencies and maintenance.

We offer free site surveys where our specialist engineers visit your premises to assess the most appropriate solution to your problem. This allows us to then supply and install a heating hire package based on your requirements – with delivery usually within four hours of your call.


Heating in your factory is integral to the growth and development of your business, with many direct consequences related to system failure. Inefficient units are expensive to run especially when they are not performing at their maximum output, so rectifying the problem quickly will benefit your business in the long-term. Heating can also help prevent your stock from succumbing to damage caused by low temperature conditions, high humidity or frost, additionally a warm environment facilitates a satisfied workforce; as the saying goes, a happy workforce is a productive one.

Our all-encompassing product selection enables our clients to have large volumes of hot air supplied via a plethora of different devices. We will help you select the most relevant system for your factory to ensure a suitable, safe generation of heat throughout your premises. Our experienced advisors will adapt a solution subject to your dimensions and layout, guaranteeing a cost-effective and efficient heat for hire package.

We also offer a 24-hour back up service to support you throughout the duration of hire. Whether you need an immediate reaction or scheduled maintenance assistance, we can help. We excel in the provision of safe, dependable heaters for all industries and pride ourselves on our fast response. For a free quotation or simply more information on our products or service, call 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Heaters

Designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals, our electric heaters provide safe, fume-free warmth without exhaust gases, smells or vapours

Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

These units deliver huge volumes of clean heat and are perfect for places where ventilation is limited or where people are present

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

Indirect fired gas heaters provide clean, dry heat safely and economically and are an ideal solution for places where there is limited ventilation

High Capacity Heaters

Developed to work reliably whilst unattended for long periods of time, our high capacity units can withstand the rigours of the most arduous applications

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

These units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation including garages, workshops and agricultural environments

Direct Fired Oil Heaters

Where there is sufficient air movement, our direct fired oil heaters represent a safe and effective solution to low ambient temperatures

Fuel Tanks

Our extensive range of fuel tanks has been designed to allow our heaters, boilers and pumps to operate uninterrupted for long periods