Heater Hire

Supporting HVAC Contractors

At Andrews Sykes, our engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support HVAC contractors through all requirements and applications. Whatever problem you are faced with, one of our expert technicians will be on your site immediately to deliver and install all necessary equipment and keep your site operating smoothly.

HVAC Contractors

We understand the obligations of a HVAC company and the importance of maintaining heating services at all times. The reliability of your business is of primary importance to customers, so when a broken heating system potentially jeopardises this, we intervene quickly. Seasonal maintenance, installation, environmental assessments and ducting preservation are all vital factions of your service provision, and if any of these falter, we can help.

Our energy-efficient heating equipment is available for instant hire and offers HVAC contractors an ideal solution to broken units or boilers, with quick delivery guaranteed. We have the most extensive fleet of temporary, portable heaters in the UK, which is why we are the revered as the country’s leading specialist heating hire company.

Whether you require planned support or urgent cover, our strategically-located depots nationwide ensure clients receive rapid, professional assistance in any scenario. We offer portable heaters for either hire or purchase and have the expertise to accommodate all requirements. Lost productivity can be extremely damaging if not addressed quickly which is why at Andrews Sykes we guarantee an immediate response to help overcome any heating problem you may incur.

Our depots are fully stocked with thousands of portable heating units, along with accessories and accompanying tools. Whether you need temporary heating to supplement your existing system or to bypass it during a period of maintenance, no-one is better qualified than us to provide assistance. We have been supplying temperature control solutions to all industries for almost 50 years, which is why we are the UK’s most reputable hire contractor.

Temporary Heating

As the leading provider of temporary heating to your sector, we have both the experience and expertise to oversee projects of all types. We recognise that over time, heaters and boilers become more vulnerable to breakdown or reduced effectiveness, so when this happens we can offer replacement units while your existing equipment is being repaired.

Our range of products includes electric, gas and oil fired portable heaters. Andrews also have an extensive range of boilers available for hire. Our boiler range runs from small mobile electrically powered units of 22kW in capacity and extends to 500kW and 1mW packaged boiler units which come complete with heat exchangers, pumps, valves and controls, so that they can be put to work quickly after delivery. These units are often coupled together to provide multi megawatt boiler packages. We provide the temporary pipework, fuel tanks, connectors and labour to install these units, we will even supply the fuel if required and we will manage fuel deliveries throughout the hire period.

We offer free site surveys and guarantee instant delivery of our heaters and boilers irrespective of your location and will even install temporary heating units should you require. Emergency packages are usually dispatched within four hours of initial contact, so you can be confident of a rapid response whatever the situation.

Heat Load Test

Following the construction of a new building, a series of heat load tests must be carried out in order to verify electrical and climate control capacities within each room. By monitoring the temperature under strict parameters, you will be able to identify the efficiency of air conditioning systems and ascertain the general comfort of all areas of your premises. Failure to conduct these tests may result in unwanted localised hotspots and inadequate or excessive cooling levels.

Our DE range of electric heaters are very popular for load tests, we often hire hundreds of these units to buildings for load testing purposes. These units are powered from the building ring main and provide a constant level of heat to the building, this allows both the ring main and air conditioning capacity to be tested at the same time. The DE range starts with small 3 kW units that are supplied from 230v single phase supplies (110v also available) and extends through to 20kW and 40kW units that require a 3phase 415volt electrical power supply.

We offer a dependable 24/7 back-up service, unlike the majority of our competitors – so if you encounter problems during the hire process, we will send an engineer immediately to attend to the issue. Our pledge is to always direct clients towards a cost-effective heating package, ensuring an affordable, steadfast supply of warm air. For more information about our service or product range, call now on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form and one of our specialist contact team will be in touch.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Heaters

Designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals, our electric heaters provide safe, fume-free warmth without exhaust gases, smells or vapours

Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

These units deliver huge volumes of clean heat and are perfect for places where ventilation is limited or where people are present

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

Indirect fired gas heaters provide clean, dry heat safely and economically and are an ideal solution for places where there is limited ventilation

High Capacity Heaters

Developed to work reliably whilst unattended for long periods of time, our high capacity units can withstand the rigours of the most arduous applications

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

These units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation including garages, workshops and agricultural environments

Direct Fired Oil Heaters

Where there is sufficient air movement, our direct fired oil heaters represent a safe and effective solution to low ambient temperatures

Fuel Tanks

Our extensive range of fuel tanks has been designed to allow our heaters, boilers and pumps to operate uninterrupted for long periods