Chiller Hire

Petrochemicals & Refineries

At Andrews, we are the number one supplier of chiller units and cooling equipment to the petrochemical and refinery sectors. We have the broadest range of hire equipment available from our depots nationwide. We guarantee a true 24/7/365 service and offer same day delivery on all our equipment. With a wealth of experience providing your industry with fast, efficient cooling for a number of essential processes, our clients rely on us to keep their facilities and processes operational.

Our Service

In recent years, we have commissioned cooling systems at petrochemical plants and refineries nationwide. Our network of depots – which spans the entire UK – allows us to respond to your call within four hours, guaranteeing cost effective solutions to all your requirements. Renowned as the country’s leading specialist hire company, no-one is better placed to supply industrial chiller or cooling units to this sector.

Our impeccable reputation as your sector’s leading provider of cooling equipment is reinforced by a plethora of references from customers within these industries. We are constantly investing in both our products and staff to ensure the high standards we aspire to are always met. With a broad range of fluid chillers, low temperature chillers, air handlers as well as ancillaries, clients can depend on us to supply the right equipment for all your cooling needs.

Before commissioning or recommending a chiller package, our exert engineers will conduct a no obligation assessment of your premises to help establish the most applicable course of action. This allows us to understand both the demands and dimensions of your application, as well as the budget constraints in place. We will also carefully consider how your requirements may develop in the future and any cooling solution we install can be adapted if necessary.


Petrochemical processes and procedures of a similar nature demand closely monitored climate control in order to assist refinery processes. Fluid chiller units are regularly deployed on site to facilitate many of the processes in the removal of excess heat, among other sources.

Refineries often install high capacity fluid chillers when existing cooling becomes inefficient or closed circuit cooling towers or chillers have broken down or are unavailable. Cooling is used on a multitude of processes within a refinery from Kero merox plants to Hydrocracking to ensure that the process of refining is optimised. As refineries utilise sea water, the existing chilling pipe work and heat exchangers can become extremely vulnerable to corrosion and loss of efficiency due to scaling. At Andrews we supply the full range of fluid chillers, heat exchangers, pump sets and temporary pipe work to ensure your refining process is uninterrupted.

If your refinery is devoid of effective cooling systems then it could seriously hinder your activities going forward. We will help you plan for upcoming operations or projects but can also provide emergency assistance if your current equipment has collapsed. Our instant service and specialised technicians ensure your productivity will be restored to its normal levels, without disturbing other aspects of your process.

Chemical Works

With demand for cooling equipment constantly growing where chemical enterprise is concerned, it is imperative that businesses choose the right chillers for their application. Greater use has led to energy consumption increasing, which in turn causes costs to rise to unprecedented levels. This is why it’s essential to correctly calculate the capacity requirements of your plant and then select appropriate equipment accordingly.

For this reason, we encourage customers to take up the option of a free site survey which could ultimately save you time and money. We will visit your site or facility at a time convenient to you and ascertain which of our cooling systems would be most befitting of your needs. Our technicians will design a turn-key packages based solely on your individual conditions, guaranteeing efficient solutions at affordable rates.

As the UK’s largest specialist hire company, we have stock available for immediate dispatch at our nationwide fleet of depots. This enables us to quickly supply the petrochemical and refinery sectors with our units in the event of an emergency or planned maintenance – meaning you are protected against any feasible scenario. Call 0800 211 611 for more information about the service we provide, or if you would like to discuss an imminent assignment.

Case studies

Our range


Ranging from 30kW to 750kW, these chillers feature the latest technology including airtight and rotating compressors, reducing energy costs

Low Temperature Chillers

Our low temperature chiller units are capable of reducing fluid temperatures to as low as -15°C for a multitude of applications

Fast Chill Range

Andrews Fast Chill units have been specifically designed with large volume space cooling in mind and can reach as low as -15°C once installed

Air Handlers

All Andrews air handlers can run on chilled or hot water, delivering effective climate control to customers where and when required

Heat Exchangers

Ideal for cooling a multitude of liquids, our range of heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat and greatly increase the speed of temperature change

Heat Pump Chillers

These chillers have been designed to produce both cooling and heating in a single packaged unit, using the latest refrigerants and heat pump technology