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At Andrews, our immaculate reputation as the most dependable provider of chillers for hire makes us your industry’s first choice. When the need for cooling equipment arises we promise to respond to your call with and deliver nationwide service within four hours, with immediate response regarded as a vital aspect of our service. Additionally a no obligation site survey is offered to all our clients - ensuring our technicians design practical, cost-efficient solutions to suit your cooling requirements eliminating costly excess in equipment and labour.

With the broadest range of chillers for rent in the country, we guarantee to have units available at all times of the year. We offer a full contingency planning service, ensuring equipment and service is always on hand if needed. Whether you require a single chiller for plastic extrusion or a multi megawatt package for forging, our detailed planning, installation and upkeep of our hire equipment guarantees seamless manufacturing in your business continues.

Our dedicated staff comprised of industry professionals and expert engineers will guide you towards the most appropriate equipment for your application. We understand the importance of fluid cooling across a number of manufacturing processes, whether these involve perishable foodstuffs or medical products. This is why all of our equipment is designed with reliability and energy efficiency in mind - ensuring downtime never affects your output.

Process chillers are often used in the manufacturing sector to keep both products and machinery sufficiently cool. At Andrews, we design solutions adapted to your precise needs, regardless of scale. In recent years, we have undertaken projects on a vast number of production lines, which is why our competitors cannot match our proficiency or knowledge in this field.

Prior to installing our chillers and cooling systems on your site, our technicians conduct a thorough examination of your process and premises. This allows us to focus on both the current and future demands of your facility, ensuring revisions can be made during the hire if necessary. We endeavour to maintain all industrial processes and storage facilities, and can install our systems at times where the impact of our presence is minimal and suits your production timeline.

By bringing new cooling innovations to market, we guarantee to supply our customers with the latest, most efficient chiller units available. Investing in equipment upgrades allows us to directly provide an improved service to our clients, with energy efficiency at the forefront. With fluid chillers, low temperature chillers, air handlers and ancillary add-ons all available for immediate dispatch, you can rely on us to solve all cooling issues instantly.

Overheating machinery can have severe implications on your output and ability to continue operating at desired rates. When machines get too hot, they become susceptible to decreased functionality or in the worst case scenario, breaking down completely. This can be triggered by a lack of maintenance, deteriorating thermostats or simply constant use. Whatever the cause, our chiller units for hire can bring equipment temperatures back down to maximise output - allowing production to continue uninterrupted.

With 50 years’ experience counteracting this problem, we are able to deliver and install our equipment on the same day of contact. With your business’ continued functionality always the primary concern, we appreciate the damaging repercussions of interrupted or stalled productivity. Our chillers have the best coefficient of performance, limiting the amount of power required to run - meaning our customers benefit further from a reduction in energy costs.

In many cases, projects of this nature require an immediate response in order to ease the risk of severe consequences in production. Our vast depot network strategically located nationwide ensures we always have the resources necessary to quickly suppress cooling issues in your manufacturing process. For preliminary quotes or more information about our service, call 0800 211 611.

Temporary chiller hire keeps factory operational during heatwave
Andrews Chiller Hire was recently drafted in to assist a global defence contractor after receiving an urgent enquiry for temporary cooling to restore conditions within their factory. During the peak of summer, our client was struggling to control temperatures in their machining workshops, causing production to grind to a halt for safety reasons. Usually operating [...]
Andrews Chiller Hire assists with the production of the world’s most popular high-speed diesel engines
One of the world’s leading aeronautical engineers encountered a major problem with their production line when their cooling system lost productivity. As a result, Andrews Chillers were contacted and asked to install a temporary chiller system that would enable the production of engines to remain consistent with normal output levels. Following an assessment by one [...]
Famous beer manufacturer seeks production line cooling
When an internationally-renowned European brewery required urgent maintenance on their ammonia plants, a temporary chiller system was needed on site to prevent output levels from dropping. Ammonia plants are used as a mechanism for converting natural gas into hydrogen and play a vital part in the cooling of whatever beverage is being produced. Failure to [...]
Andrews Chillers replace faulty unit on waste production site
A leading waste-to-product company in the Aylesbury area recently encountered a problem after some site equipment broke down unexpectedly. One of their anaerobic digestion plants stopped functioning at full capacity and consequently began processing waste at 50°C – too hot for the bacteria to produce gas. The company needed to reduce the temperature of waste [...]
Midlands-based anaerobic digestion plant kept functional
In the present day, most companies in the UK are demonstrating a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The widely publicised battle against climate change has therefore played a vital role in the recent surge of anaerobic digestion plants opening across the country – with biogas presenting a perfect alternative [...]
Automotive parts manufacturer remains productive despite heatwave
When an internationally renowned engineering firm sought an auxiliary chiller unit to operate alongside smaller models already on site, they asked Andrews Chiller Hire to propose a temporary hire solution. Increased summer temperatures meant that their chiller unit was no longer effective and something had to be done immediately to limit any impact on production. [...]
Major beverage producer kept functional by Andrews Chillers
As with virtually any form of production, there are stringent control standards in place to protect consumers and ensure that goods are of the expected quality. This practice is particularly prevalent in the food and beverage industry, and this lead to an esteemed customer requiring hired air conditioning for a large storage facility when summer [...]
Andrews Chillers aid power station closure
The United Kingdom’s sustained effort in finding environmentally-friendly energy sources has played a crucial role in the closing of power stations nationwide. So when one of the country’s largest independently owned generation stations was scheduled to be decommissioned, a once reliable supply of cold water was lost as part of a gradual shutdown programme. Based [...]
Andrews Chiller Hire preserves output at anaerobic digestion plant
In the modern day, more and more companies are looking at biogas as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional power sources. This gradual shift has led to the opening of more anaerobic digestion plants across the country, and as such Andrews Chillers have become increasingly involved with overseeing projects on these applications. Temperature control is [...]
Andrews Chillers salvage industrial production line
An automotive company headquartered in Glasgow encountered a potential problem with their production line when their cooling system failed. A cooling tower failure meant that quenching water could not be effectively chilled – thus preventing a vital aspect of the manufacturing routine from being able to advance. The client is responsible for assembling engineered axles [...]
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