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Underfloor heating

The use of underfloor heating is becoming increasingly common for a number of reasons, with aesthetics being one of the most prominent. Unobtrusively concealed, this modern source of internal warmth is an excellent alternative to unsightly radiators whilst also ensuring that heat is still distributed evenly. The presence of pipework beneath the floor also guarantees the whole room benefits from warm air naturally gravitating upwards.

At Andrews Boilers, we encourage business continuity wherever possible to keep costs manageable and productivity maximised. This commitment enables us to provide temporary boilers and connect them to existing underfloor pipe networks to accelerate the drying of screed or concrete in a construction scenario. Our expert engineers are constantly on hand to offer technical guidance or even visit your site, in order to ensure the correct solution is implemented at the first time of asking.

We also offer customers no obligation site surveys which help our engineers provide you with the hot water boiler package most suitable for your application and budget. Prior to installing and commissioning a boiler, we undertake a rigorous planning process whereby the immediate and future demands of your environment are considered.

The sheer number of heat sources available for water underfloor heating systems makes advisable that an expert analyses your particular requirement before making a suitable recommendation. Every solution we recommend and subsequently deploy is powerful enough to cope with feasible change in circumstances, with necessary adaptations easily implemented should the need arise.

This measure helps us to supply customers with the most appropriate boiler hire package for their application.

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