Boiler Hire

Hospitals & Healthcare

At Andrews, we are specialists in the provision of temporary and replacement boilers to the healthcare industry. Our broad range of units and accessories guarantees we can satisfy demand on any scale for short or long term hire periods. We appreciate that hospitals and similar facilities rely heavily on a constant supply of heating and hot water, which is why we supply, deliver and install temporary equipment anywhere in the UK.

Our Experience

As the UK’s number one boiler hire company, we always have sufficient resources and staff on hand to cater for our customers’ requirements. Our strategically-placed network of depots ensures that our technicians can be on your site almost immediately – regardless of location. With the most comprehensive selection of mobile boilers, packaged units and air handlers, you can rely on us to provide a solution to any foreseeable issue.

In recent years, we have worked on countless projects within the healthcare industry ranging from emergencies to pre-planned assignments. This has allowed us to gain a fantastic understanding of the needs of hospitals and clinics and modify our equipment and services accordingly. All boilers in our fleet are regularly safety checked and serviced, ensuring they are operating at full capacity before going out on hire.

Not only do we provide clients with unmatched round-the-clock assistance throughout the rental period, we also offer free site surveys to ascertain the best course of action for your particular situation. Prior to delivering or installing any boiler for short or long term hire, we undertake a thorough planning process whereby the immediate and future demands of your application are highlighted. This enables us to tailor a system where all feasible requirements are considered, so if your circumstances change, the necessary adaptations can also be made.

Central Heating

Wards in particular are dependent on an efficient heating system being in place – especially during the winter months – with low temperatures potentially life-threatening to some. That’s why we invest time and money in the training of our engineers and consultants, ensuring we provide the most appropriate boiler packages for sensitive environments, 24/7/ 365.

There is no margin for error in hospitals, with clinical equipment and people both extremely sensitive to internal conditions. We provide dependable heating and hot water systems to healthcare facilities throughout the country, and have considerable experience maintaining these vital provisions when breakdown threatens to jeopardise them. This specialist industry requires expert guidance from reliable contractors, which is why we send technical advisors who have worked within your sector for a number of years.

Our boilers range from small 22kW electric powered boilers through to multi megawatt packages, guaranteeing we have workable solutions to any problem. All of our units are designed to be operated automatically and among the latest innovations on the market, reducing fuel consumption and associated costs. Whether you seek a minor hot water system or an all-encompassing heating arrangement for an entire ward, Andrews are the obvious choice.

Domestic Hot Water

As with most public buildings, hospitals and other healthcare facilities need a regular supply of hot water to simplify a number of essential day-to-day activities. Without it, straightforward tasks such as washing or preparing food are more difficult to complete, this can also be combined with the general heating of buildings also being affected. When boiler failure strikes, we react instantly to minimalise its impact on patients, care home residents or anyone else potentially at risk.

Our technicians will help create and then implement recovery packages as and when breakdown occurs, or even while urgent maintenance is being carried out. Once a suitable solution has been chosen, this will be installed and commissioned while taking careful steps to avoid disrupting those on site. As the UK’s most reputable supplier of boilers and climate control systems, we respond quicker than anyone else to ensure your process continues operating as normal.

To book a site survey at a time convenient to you, or discuss the best boiler solution for your specific application, call now on 0800 211 611. Our contact team are on hand 24 hours a day to handle your enquiries and guide you towards hiring the equipment most befitting of your environment.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Boilers

Our compact and lightweight electric boilers have been designed for use in a multitude of applications, including underfloor heating

Packaged Boilers

Ranging from 100kW to 1,500kW, these robust, containerised boilers are designed for even the harshest of environments

Mobile Boilers

These trailer-mounted boilers offer excellent flexibility in instances where easy transportation and quick installation are desired

Medium Pressure Hot Water Boilers

We offer a complete solution for MPHW requirements where clients need to operate a heating system at a higher temperature than normally necessary

Boiler Air Handlers

To complement our boiler range, we offer a selection of air handling units and fan coils offering duties of up to 50,000m³/h from a single unit

Heat Exchangers

Our braze plate, shell and tube heat exchangers allow heat from a liquid to pass to a second liquid without the two coming into direct contact