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The Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire range of high capacity fluid chillers has been developed to provide a fast and efficient solution for scenarios where high volumes of heating or cooling are required. In the standard format, the Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire 100kW LT/HP fluid chiller offers cooled or heated water to production processes or a bypass to permanently installed chillers. When used along with our wide range of Andrews Sykes air handlers and fan coils, this product supplies high capacity air conditioning for a wide range of applications.

Ground-breaking heat pump technology and a nominal heating duty of 115kW enable the unit to produce hot water on demand, whilst also having the capability to reduce temperatures to as low as -15°C courtesy of a 100kW nominal cooling duty.

The 100kW LT/HP chiller runs on R410A gas - a cost-effective refrigerant that does not cause ozone depletion. A multi-scroll compressor further aids efficiency and allows end users to save money via reduced energy consumption.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Quick release pipe adaptors
  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • For cooling large areas
  • Connects to existing pipe work easily
  • Air conditioning
  • Product storage
  • Process cooling
  • Low temperature applications
  • Temperature control
  • Disaster recovery
  • Scheduled chiller maintenance
  • Events and corporate hospitality
Nominal cooling duty
100 kW 341,200 btu
Plug type
BS4343 125 A 5 pin
Power supply
415 V 3 ph N+E 50 Hz Run 104.2 A
Average power consumption
43 kW/h
Noise level (max)
68.5 dBA @ 10 metres
Generator size
115 kVA
2,030 kg
Nominal heating duty (HP version)
115 kW 392,396 btu
2,965 x 1,270 x 2,740 mm
Water connection
50 mm (2") bauer
Automatic programmer
Nominal water flow
5 l/s

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